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Put registration, real-time polling, voting, Q&A, scheduling, ideation, sentiment analysis or any response in the hands of your audience, employees or participants, all on one powerful, browser-based audience participation app.



Jump-start audience interaction with engagement-first registration as an unlimited-use module in every enterprise account.

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Conferences & Events

Bring your in-person, hybrid or virtual event to life with audience engagement tools and interactive features to connect with attendees.


Medical Meetings

Leverage one event management platform for speaker programs, sales meetings, conferences, annual meetings and tradeshows.

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All-Hands & Town Halls

Enable moderated Q&A, audience polls, and better attendee experiences to connect with employees and move forward together with our software tools.

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Voting & Governance

Help leaders stay focused on making important decisions and make it easy to vote on decisions and securely via our web based audience response system.

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Sales & Marketing

Use quizzes, materials and ideation to train, strategize and inform sales meetings or tradeshows for teams via our online audience participation apps.

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Over 20 modules and features focused on interaction & response
Web Based Audience Interaction Tools
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Live Polling & Surveys

Gauge audience opinion with versatile polls and surveys.

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Live Q&A Sessions

Initiate a conversation and find out what's on everyones mind.

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Audience Feedback

Keep your finger on the pulse of the audience in real time.


Live Raffles & Quizzes

Create icebreaker games or offer rewards via friendly competitions.

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Security & Encryption

Enterprise level security: trusted by Fortune 100 companies.

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Flexible Integrations

Takes minutes to get started, seconds to start a meeting.

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Easy Attendee Access

Attendees join instantly via short link on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

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Engage tens of thousands of active participants in any location worldwide.

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Your MeetingPulse dashboard provides insight into when responses peak and ebb, and all associated data.

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