Need to join a meeting?

Engaging visual displays on the big screen or virtual broadcast

Colorful, Animated Displays of Data, Audience Sentiment and Real-Time Results

With MeetingPulse, your polls, surveys, questions and more are beautifully broadcast to your big screen or to your virtual or hybrid event participants in real time.  The Broadcast View of the MeetingPulse platform is a separate view available to showcase your results that engages with your colors or theme and provides smooth, animated movement as results come in.  Watch live as bars grow and shrink, charts expand, word clouds build and questions get upvoted — or downvoted — before everyone’s very eyes.  It makes data sing, encourages continuous feedback and participation, and keeps attendees enthralled with the action.

Leverage Broadcast Views like the Word Cloud to engage audiences as soon as they enter a room or session.  Broadcast View always features your custom meeting URL at the top, so responding at any time is available for your attendees.  Views can be changed on the fly to provide a different display of the data.  Want to switch from a bar chart to a pie chart on the screen?  A quick click keeps the power of the most resonant data displays at the fingertips of the presenter, moderator or platform admin to control.

Top Features in MeetingPulse Broadcast View

• Meeting URL displayed at the top of all Broadcast View Screens
• Data may be displayed in a dual comparative view on a single screen, side by side
• Easy-to-use filters, approval and moderation features mean nothing slips on to the screen that you don't want seen

Easily configure all of your Broadcast Views in a lightweight side panel

Compare up to 4 polls next to each other with comparison view

Segment responses by poll answer or  defined in an CSV 

Choose from 6 different poll styles to display results

Display the answer with the most votes at the top of the chart

Display results as percentages or as number of votes

Launch Broadcast View in a new tab, or copy the link directly to it

Ready to see MeetingPulse Broadcast Views in action?

Broadcast Display Styles

Available for most poll types – classic horizontal, multi-colored

Column description

3d Bar chart

Vertical, most poll typles


Pie chart

When there are not multiple winners, Ranked Choice Voting

For free text polls, display colorfully and see which words are most popular

For free text polls

Radar charts are used to display the results of Grid or, Multi-Rate Polls

Activate your hybrid workforce with an integrative platform:

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