Need to join a meeting?

Show participants a splash screen of info, links, and PDFs with Materials


Right inside your MeetingPulse meeting or event, you can direct attendees to custom web pages, post useful links, and host key files for people to access and downloads. Create rich Welcome pages and intro graphics, and share speaker materials from sessions. 

Your answer to: Can I get the slides for this meeting?

  • Create rich mini-web-pages inside of the meeting app including speaker bios, documents, directions, etc.
  • Links to locations, websites, and donation pages 
  • Provide custom materials to specific attendees for an individualized, custom experience

Top features in MeetingPulse Materials

Common Uses of the Materials Solution

Maps, addresses, and venue directions

Links to donate to charities

Speaker bios

Links to breakout rooms

Meeting etiquette

Resources links

Welcome messages

Attendee recognition


Privacy policies

Upload Word docs, PDF files, Powerpoint and image files

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