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MeetingPulse for Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences: Engage, Connect, and Learn

Secure, Scalable, and Powerful Meeting and Event Technology for the Healthcare Sector

Empower participants effortlessly with MeetingPulse – your comprehensive medical & scientific meetings solution

Medical and healthcare meetings play a vital role in fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation within the industry. However, organizing and facilitating these meetings effectively can be a complex task. To streamline and enhance the attendee experience, MeetingPulse offers a comprehensive suite of content engagement and  technology services.

MeetingPulse revolutionizes meetings, ensuring increased attendee participation, truly interactive sessions, and valuable insights for:

  • Medical marketing & communications
  • Pharmaceutical sales meetings
  • Product theaters
  • Medical meetings
  • Healthcare association meetings
  • Bioscience / Life Science events
  • Scientific & Research meetings
  • Clinical scenarios
  • CME educational events


Conducting an HCP survey or a training webinar via Microsoft PowerPoint? Rely on MeetingPulse. Facilitating Q&As, live polls, quizzes, announcements, photo galleries, chats, 1:1 scheduling, brainstorming, and more – MeetingPulse has got it all covered with unlimited access throughout the year — with NO downloads.

Every meeting has a unique QR code for easy access built in. Use the button above to scan and view a sample annual convention app as an attendee. 

MeetingPulse is ideal for:

  • Healthcare and medical associations
  • Bar and legal associations
  • Trade and professional associations
  • Education associations
  • Scientific associations
  • Political organizations

Healthcare Use Cases for MeetingPulse

In each of these use cases, MeetingPulse’s unique strengths – including its easy integration with other tools, real-time analytics, interactive features, and robust security – can provide a comprehensive solution for meeting and event technology needs in the healthcare sector.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Seminars: With MeetingPulse, medical educators and trainers can create engaging CME seminars. Interactive features like Q&A sessions, live polling, and quizzes can make these seminars more engaging and effective. Real-time analytics can also help educators gauge the effectiveness of their teaching and make necessary adjustments.

Clinical Meetings: Clinicians often need to discuss patient cases, latest research findings, or quality improvement initiatives. MeetingPulse can facilitate these discussions, fostering open communication and inclusive decision-making. The platform's easy integration with other tools can allow for seamless sharing of clinical data or research findings.

Large-scale Medical Conferences: Medical associations and professional bodies can use MeetingPulse for their large-scale conferences. The platform's high scalability can handle large audience sizes, and its interactive features can enhance attendee participation. Real-time analytics can also provide insights on attendee engagement and feedback.

Pharmaceutical Company Meetings: MeetingPulse can facilitate effective communication within pharmaceutical or biotech companies. Whether it's a team meeting, a company-wide town hall, or a presentation for clients, MeetingPulse's customizability and broad compatibility can meet varied needs.