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Make your town halls count by using MeetingPulse to enable moderated Q&A, audience polls, and better attendee experiences.

Town Halls:
A Democratic Tradition

Town Halls are at the heart of every successful organization. They help organizations share important updates, connect with their employees, and move forward together.

The best town halls offer a platform for employee engagement and interactivity. When a simple video call doesn’t cut it – you need solutions designed specifically for virtual in-person, or hybrid meetings.

MeetingPulse makes your meetings and town halls more interactive

Live Q&A Sessions

Host moderated Q&A sessions in real-time. Employees can ask anonymously, vote to decide which questions get answered, and discuss questions in a comment thread. Moderators retain control by pre-screening questions to keep the meeting on track.

Easy attendee access​

MeetingPulse integrates with existing solutions like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Attendees can join from any device, and our enterprise-grade security protects your business from external threats.​

Live Polling​

Make decisions democratically with live polling. Ask different types of questions, share results in real-time, and make sure you move forward as one collective team.​

Event management​

Our suite of user management tools ensures your meetings and town halls run without a hitch. From controlling access to meetings, monitoring meeting stats, and pulling detailed reports after meetings, you’ll find everything you need right in the MeetingPulse dashboard.​

Audience Pulse​

Read the room in real-time by letting your audience share how they feel. Attendees quickly react to events throughout the meeting, and leaders can track audience sentiment over time. It’s like a virtual round of applause.​

“Our team syncs have become way more involved and everyone has started to share more ideas about the direction of the company.”

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“Easy to setup, lots of features and amazing attendee experience.”

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