Need to join a meeting?

Incentivize meetings and events participants with a Raffle or giveaway drawing

If you want the benefits of gamification without keeping track of lots of ticket stubs (and litter), we’ve got the Raffle solution for you! Raffles and giveaways are great as lead gen for exhibit booths, conferences, or to incent behavior from any group.  

Winning a prize greatly increases engagement and participation, and let’s you gather important data from your participants.  Plus, who doesn’t love a little competition.

Gamification to engage and grow your leads and attendee lists

Top features in MeetingPulse Raffle


  • Scan to win from a QR code
  • Customize the winner text
  • Multiple prize giveaways 

Who will your raffle select from? That’s up to you!

All online attendees:
Randomly select from among all participants without any conditions.
Attendees who opt-in:
This is a good way to keep people alert – and reward participants for paying attention.
Attendees who provide an email:
Great to gather email addresses for lead generation.
Everyone who passes a quiz:
Set a raffle to randomly select a participant who has answered the most Quiz questions correctly.

Activate your hybrid workforce with an integrative platform:

80,000 +

questions asked by participants

10,000 +

meetings & events

1.6 million +

happy attendees and counting