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Virtual and auditable voting leads to leads to $70K in meeting cost savings and 86% decrease in meeting duration

The Challenge

Every year, Spencer Fane’s partners meet to vote on partner promotions, committee assignments, and various other important proposals. The voting process was manual and paper based, requiring significant efforts to administer and tally the votes across 18 offices. Retaining paper ballots across multiple offices also made it cumbersome to maintain records for voting governance.

Additionally, COVID-19 presented a set of new challenges. The partners were unable to meet in person because of lockdown restrictions. SF decided to look for a digital solution that would make voting simpler, secure and seamless.

The Solution

SF found that most voting tech solutions in the market were prohibitively expensive, antiquated, and did not meet all of its needs. Then it came across MeetingPulse, a nimble startup with a proven employee engagement and voting platform being used by some well known brands.

MeetingPulse’s tech solution met some of its needs, but would require some custom dev work around proxy voting. MeetingPulse was very receptive to the idea, and with SF’s thought leadership, it developed a secure voting technology solution.


This high tech auditable voting solution resulted in significant quantifiable and qualitative benefits:

The solution provided advanced voting features and allowed participants to vote remotely and virtually in a secure fashion. SF piloted the solution for its 2020 partner meeting with outstanding results. Legal partners, who don’t have the time to learn complex technologies, were able to use MeetingPulse’s intuitive solution with virtually no learning curve.

dollars in direct cost stavings
decrease in partner meeting duration
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Measurable Results

• $70K+ in direct cost savings in one partner meeting alone

• Partner meeting duration reduced from 5 hours to 40 minutes

• Additional time and cost savings from obviated partner travels

• Higher confidence through digital governance and audit trails

• Meeting dashboards/reports provided summaries and additional insights into voting results

• Administrative controls made it easier to manage the meeting

“MeetingPulse’s team is a delight to work with. Their voting tech is specifically designed for law firms and dead simple to use. It meets all of our needs for online voting during partner meetings and for post-meeting voting governance.”

Burton Taylor

Chief Marketing Officer

Trusted by leading global corporations

“Easy to setup, lots of features and amazing attendee experience.”