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Sales Kick-Off Template

Motivate and inform your sales reps 24/7/365 by promoting your go-to-market strategy, sharing sales materials, and aligning the team using MeetingPulse

Get sales teams informed and keep them motivated with the Sales Kick-off Template

Motivate your sales reps and align your teams as senior management shares their go-to-market strategy and sales incentives — any time of the year. Make sure this important meeting achieves all its goals with a range of MeetingPulse tools.  

What are the most important topics to present at the kickoff? How is the information landing with sales? Answer these questions and more by using the MeetingPulse platform to plan and run your all-important kickoff meeting.

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Make your next Sales Kick-off an interactive extravaganza with MeetingPulse.  Share your sales playbook in Materials and use quizzes to check and cement knowledge. 

Include a who’s-who for new employees, including speaker bios and more. Get some fun competition going with our raffle. Include the schedule of events and encourage comradery with our Photos module. 

Modules Included in this Template

Drive attention and response with a module for every interaction

Interaction Modules

Live Quizzes​

Learn, play, test, and make social bonds with live quizzes. Make them even more entertaining with Raffles!​

Live Q&A​

Powerful crowdsourcing lets people ask questions (even anonymously) and vote on their priority. Unique workflow features!​


For the most productive meetings and maximum buy-in, crowdsource the most meaningful agenda for your engagements.​

Make gatherings even more engaging with these features

Engagement Boosters


Let participants book event activities for their own personal schedules. A favorite of event professionals.​


Show participants a splash screen with pages, links, and files: bios, maps, presentations, reports, and more.​


Incentivize participants with prizes and recognition.

Sales Kickoff Use Cases

Q&A – Crowdsource your agenda

Live Quizzes – test your reps on product info presented

Polls – how is the information landing with the team

Survey – what’s the best benefit or feature for sales?

Q&A – crowdsource anticipated questions from customers

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