Need to join a meeting?

Stay in sync with your audience with our live sentiment analysis platform

Let your audience tell you how they feel in real time — see the “pulse” of the room. This live survey tool empowers attendees to react, at any moment, to what’s being said or presented using custom text, colors, emojis, and animated gifs. Pulse™ is the best of all audience interaction tools. 

Our live survey tool lets you “read the room”

Top Features in Pulse™ Sentiment Analysis

• Template for 1-9 custom responses
• Capture full audience response in hybrid meetings
• Build a timeline of real-time sentiment in your event
• Use custom animated GIFs that appeal to your audience and event

Pulse features:

Sentiment Chart/timeline
Attendee skin tone selector
Audio Recording
Choose from a full library of reactions or upload your own

Activate your hybrid workforce with an integrative platform: