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Engage with your workforce from anywhere. Collect live feedback that integrates with your teams’ workflows.

This allows you to give your employees a voice, measure their sentiment, and gather actionable insights into what is important to them. Let MeetingPulse be the command center for employee insights.

Interaction as a Continuing Employee Engagement Strategy

Empower your organization with real-time opportunities for interactivity, learning, and networking during any event–whether in-person or virtual.

MeetingPulse drives hybrid engagement and fuels team excitement before, during, and after the event seamlessly for all participants. Power your leaders, guest speakers, attendees, and event producers with gamification, Q&A, polls, surveys and other exciting engagement that brings everyone together

Executing a memorable and seamless SKO will drive revenue, headcount, and excitement for new solutions. This guarantees everyone is aligned in the direction to crush the upcoming fiscal year.

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Live Q&A Sessions

Host moderated Q&A sessions in real-time. Employees can ask anonymously, vote to decide which questions get answered, and discuss questions in a comment thread. Moderators retain control by pre-screening questions to keep the meeting on track.

Offer Training

Provide at least one tactical sales training session. Use Pulse sentiment expression to gauge the training’s effectiveness, Quizzes to measure comprehension of the new product and the kickoff strategy, post-kickoff Surveys to discover what went well or poorly, and how to do better.

Crowdsource your Agenda

What should go into the sales kickoff? Ask the wisdom of your people. Use the MeetingPulse Agenda solution to ask the attendees for their own agenda suggestions — and surface the best ones by allowing people to vote on one another’s ideas. To avoid reinventing the wheel for every sales kickoff, you can also create recurring agendas and use them as templates for every meeting.

Focus Groups

Conduct employee focus groups to ensure that everyone feels heard. MeetingPulse helps eliminate unconscious bias by allowing all voices and opinions to be counted, without fear or intimidation. In the days of “quiet quitting,” it’s a good way to take the pulse of your

“MeetingPulse has a direct and positive impact on maintaining a culture of transparency, open dialogue, and feedback flowing within the organization.”

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