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Your Sales Kickoff might be the most important gathering of the year.

MeetingPulse can help deliver and power interactivity across global audiences that can reach attendance numbers in the thousands for a hybrid event that excites everyone.

The Sales Kickoff

Empower your organization with real-time opportunities for interactivity, learning, and networking during your Sales Kickoff -whether in-person or virtual.

MeetingPulse drives hybrid engagement and fuels team excitement before, during, and after the event seamlessly for all participants. Power your leaders, guest speakers, attendees, and event producers with gamification, Q&A, polls, surveys and other exciting engagement that brings everyone together.

Executing a memorable and seamless SKO will drive revenue, headcount, and excitement for new solutions. This guarantees everyone is aligned in the direction to crush the upcoming fiscal year.

Like any persuasive engagement, a sales kickoff must succeed through:


Imparting important information, like product features, benefits, and go-to-market strategy.


Skillfully answering questions to remove hurdles to understanding.


Generating a motivating emotional response in a team that instills the sense of meaning that catalyzes people’s best work.

The main objectives of a sales kickoff are motivating your reps, managers, and leaders; laying out your go-to-market and product development strategies; and celebrating wins.

You’re outlining a new aspect of the organization’s purpose and even its culture. And you’re getting the entire organization fired up. Sales kickoffs help boost morale, build team trust and rapport, and ensure that the entire organization understands the priorities and roadmap for the year ahead.

Power your workforce and engage your employees with MeetingPulse

Crowdsource your Agenda

What should go into the sales kickoff? Ask the wisdom of your people. Use the MeetingPulse Agenda solution to ask the attendees for their own agenda suggestions — and surface the best ones by allowing people to vote on one another’s ideas. To avoid reinventing the wheel for every sales kickoff, you can also create recurring agendas and use them as templates for every meeting.

Facilitate Interaction and Crowdsourcing​

Encourage interaction between your presenter and your audience with Q&A and Brainstorming – and collect your group’s most valuable questions and ideas.​

Use Expert Panels​

Let high performers share their insight and inspiration through panels where they can convey the stories of their most interesting deals, and how they closed them. Use our Video, Chat, Pulse sentiment expression, and Q&A solutions.​

Facilitate Networking​

At last, everyone is in the same place. Give them time to strengthen bonds with one another, and give them forums in which to interact: in person, in breakout rooms, in Chat, and in comments on one another’s ideas and questions. Their connections can lead to more mentoring, peer coaching, collaborating on deals, and lifelong friendships.​

Share your Best Practices

Use Q&A and Brainstorming to identify team limitations within your sales process and ask your team to share ideas on how to overcome pain points. They can then upvote the best ideas, try implementing them for a few days, and evaluate the results. ​

Incentivize Team Members

You want to incentivize your team members and make them feel appreciated. How? Use our Raffle solution to give out prizes that reward engagement – and keep people motivated. You can also reward members from the audience at random to add the excitement of surprise.​

Review of the Last Sales Period

How did sales go in the prior period? Use the Materials solution to upload a presentation or report.

Share Materials

Seamlessly share all relevant meeting materials with participants. MeetingPulse makes it easy for participants to access meeting agendas, important files, and relevant web resources.

Make Information Memorable by Choosing a Theme

Story is what makes information maximally memorable and compelling. That’s why effective persuasion begins with a theme: some commonality or storyline to hold together important ideas.

Offer Training

Provide at least one tactical sales training session. Use Pulse sentiment expression to gauge the training’s effectiveness, Quizzes to measure comprehension of the new product and the kickoff strategy, post-kickoff Surveys to discover what went well or poorly, and how to do better.

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