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Introducing the MeetingPulse Registration Module: Gather your audience securely, and at the speed of business Most Event Tech Software TALKS about Engagement – MeetingPulse Delivers It – The art of hosting

A patient-centric system thrives on collaboration. The more voices, the better the care. Behind the scenes, this vital practice must be reflected by Healthcare Professionals (HCP) during internal events. Conferences

When you’re working with prospective clients to create fruitful partnerships, there is one way to really help cement your connection: Asking the right questions. What’s the best way to do

How many times have you attended a team meeting at work and played a trivia game? Those company trivia sessions are more useful than you might think. Whether you’re introducing

Perhaps the most helpful event planning information you could have in hand is what your attendees are thinking and feeling. With the right set of pre-event survey questions, you can

Think about the last time you worked with a large group to tackle a problem or generate new ideas. Did more than one member of the group offer creative ideas

Chances are that since you’ve landed here, you’ve got an upcoming webinar to plan for and you’re looking for ideas on how to increase engagement. Good news: We’ve got plenty

In 2022, event professionals had to think fast and react to fallout from the pandemic. They developed great solutions and found wonderful tools to help them adapt to new circumstances.

It’s Sales Kick-Off time! Your Sales Kickoff is the most important meeting of the year for your bottom line.  Many U.S. enterprises unite their sales teams early in Q1, in person

Team building. Good facilitators do it almost instinctively. They begin a meeting and pull the team together, sometimes with a trivia game. If the questions pique everyone’s interest, team members

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