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Engagement-First Registration that drives valuable insight from the first touch

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Now registration is not just a siloed event tech function, it’s an important first touch to engaging your audience and gathering critical response for insight and analysis.  With MeetingPulse’s new registration module, you combine the data collection of fast and easy registration process creation with powerful tools to survey, get feedback, communicate and more.  Launch your meetings with a convenient platform that starts your event on a journey of interaction that continues throughout every stage of the event, and provides significant savings to your event bottom line.

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Registration that drives, and continues, deep participant engagement

MeetingPulse  has been your go-to engagement platform for enterprise feedback and response, and now your team has the option of beginning that process with registration.  MeetingPulse registration leverages features to make registration an easy task, instead of having to bring in a specially trained colleague or vendor to create.  Best of all, registration is a part of your MeetingPulse annual license, so you get unlimited registration module use at no extra charge for your organization.

The MeetingPulse registration module is different from any other event management software because it allows organizers to “gather and engage” participants by first customizing the data set to be collected, such as contact information, personal preferences, and participation choices. Participants then continue interactions on the platform throughout the entire event lifecycle, providing feedback, response, voting, asking questions, personal scheduling, collaborating, connecting, competing, and more — no downloads necessary.

Top Features in MeetingPulse Registration

• Short or long-form registration
• Powerful conditional logic with dynamic design
• Instructional text and splash pages
• Branding and theming
• Ability to include payment links and ICS files
• Secure access codes
• Custom confirmation emails
• Robust compliance support, including disclaimers and terms acceptance

Provide customized, secure and flexible registration that is fully integrated with MeetingPulse engagement tools

Create a branded registration form in minutes for ANY meeting you produce on the platform

Include important pre-event queries via polling, surveys, crowdsourced agendas voting and more

Use conditional logic to design a path of response that is tailored to each participant’s needs

Launch an open Q&A stream  “help desk” that forwards any questions to your inbox 

Get reporting on all participant data and download via CSV or use our API or Zapier to push data to your system

Customize confirmation emails to provide further instruction or insight to your participants

See how MeetingPulse registration starts an event attendee's journey of engagement

Build & Register

  • Build a registration form in minutes with the registration module
  • Use custom theming to align with your event brand
  • Invite your guests with a QR code or custom link
  • Launch authenticated registration with access codes for additional security

Survey & Communicate

  • Add survey questions, polls, or custom data fields with logic at any stage of your event comms process
  • Create Help Desk elements to support participants as they interact with your team
  • Provide materials, maps, web pages, instructions and more 

Engage & Respond

  • Collect key information from participants as they go through the event lifecycle
  • Take the PulseTM at every touchpoint to get real-time feedback on sessions, activities, facilities and content
  • Get in front of questions, challenges and issues with replies and responses directly to participants

Raffle & Report

  • Get real-time timeline reports on sentiment throughout the event
  • View the feedback and responses of individual participants in detail
  • Create quizzes and showcase leaderboards to see what stuck with them
  • Raffle prizes to participants in seconds, with no hats, tickets or fuss 

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