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Crowdsource your agenda platform for maximum relevance, efficiency, and team buy-in

One of the most under-utilized game-changers in pulling off a high-ROI meeting or event is to crowdsource the best agenda for your engagement.

The Agenda feature is an interactive presentation idea that gives the ultimate power to your meeting attendees: how their time is spent. 

This audience interaction tool makes every minute count


• Collect audience interest and topics

• Empower those attending and engage their wisdom

• Ensure organizational priorities are met

Top features in MeetingPulse Agenda

Our Agenda solution ensures

What value can a crowdsourced agenda bring to your meeting or event?

Allow anonymity proven to lead to the best input. Our anonymity setting keeps participants anonymous even if they entered their name when entering the meeting. The results will impress you: you’ll get more attendees participating and you’ll benefit from more — and more impactful — suggestions per attendee.
Next, let attendees vote on one another’s suggestions to crowdsource their respective priorities. Make the final decision on which agenda submissions are shown to the audience.
If you’d like some debate before the voting, you can let attendees comment — also anonymously — on the suggestions.
Want to preserve some quality control? Decide which Agenda items to put to a wider vote.

Activate your hybrid workforce with an integrative platform:

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questions asked by participants

10,000 +

meetings & events

1.6 million +

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