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Run more efficient virtual leadership meetings with MeetingPulse voting and governance tools. They’re simple to use, protect your meeting from disruption, and provide complete digital audit trails.​

Easy-to-use virtual voting and governance tools

Help leaders stay focused on making important decisions and make it easy to vote on decisions virtually and securely both virtually and in person.

With options from proxy voting to Ranked Choice Voting, we make it easy for decision makers to vote virtually and securely.

Learn more about how our virtual governance tools help businesses save thousands of dollars in meeting expenses, document critical votes, and stay compliant, from anywhere.

MeetingPulse provides reliable virtual voting and governance infrastructure​

Easy to use​

MeetingPulse integrates with all major video conferencing tools, and there’s practically no learning curve. Attendees can access MeetingPulse from any device, wherever they are, securely participate in meetings, and vote on important topics.​

Shared meeting materials​

Seamlessly share all relevant meeting materials with participants. MeetingPulse makes it easy for participants to access meeting agendas, important files, and relevant web resources. ​

Enterprise grade security​

Secure, paperless governance protected by enterprise-grade security protocols ensure that all proceedings are safe from external threats and clearly documented.​

Meeting reporting​

Clearly document meetings with reporting, an online meeting dashboard, and a comprehensive audit trail. It’s easy for administrators to set up and run the meeting, and attendees will participate with higher confidence knowing everything is digitally documented.​

Advanced voting tools​

MeetingPulse supports several types of voting, including proxy, weighted, and preference order. No matter how you make decisions, MeetingPulse has the infrastructure you need to come together and comply with your specific voting process. ​

Meeting Management

Our suite of user management tools ensures your conferences and events run without a hitch. From controlling access to events, monitoring statistics in real-time, and pulling detailed reports, the MeetingPulse dashboard has everything you need.​

“Their voting technology is simple to use. It meets all of our needs for online voting during partner meetings and for post-meeting voting governance”

- Burton Taylor, CMO, Spencer Fane

Trusted by leading global corporations

“Easy to setup, lots of features and amazing attendee experience.”

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