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Pre-Event Survey Template

Jumpstart the success at your next event by finding out exactly what your attendees want to learn or hear, what their travel needs are, or what their expectations are for the meeting.

Understand the needs and details from attendees with the Pre-Event Survey Template

Guarantee success at your next event by utilizing a wide range of MeetingPulse tools. Kickstart your event with this template by finding out exactly what your attendees want to learn or hear, and maximizing that information.  

Event professionals know that all the work that happens before an event makes or breaks its success. That’s why we’ve created the pre-event template: to reach out to attendees beforehand, find out what they want to see and hear, and to share critical information with them beforehand.  

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Create and launch this meeting days before the actual event. This template includes a Form with several suggested polls to gather information from your attendees. 

You can expand the list of questions and collect feedback, gather demographic information, and more. Additionally, attendees can submit their expectations and suggestions for the event using our Multi-Topic Q&A.

Modules Included in this Template

Drive attention and response with a module for every interaction

Interaction Modules

Live Forms

Survey and segment groups during meetings or outside them, from employee engagement to entry surveys and post-meeting surveys.​

Live Q&A​

Powerful crowdsourcing lets people ask questions (even anonymously) and vote on their priority. Unique workflow features!​

Make gatherings even more engaging with these features

Engagement Boosters


Show participants a splash screen with pages, links, and files: bios, maps, presentations, reports, and more.​

Pre-Event Survey Use Cases

Get attendee info pre-event with Forms

Event FAQs using Materials 

Logistics and accommodation info, or event directions, maps, and more using Materials

Pre-event questions using Q&A

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