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Speaker Evaluation Template

Get immediate, honest, complete evaluations for speakers, and easily assess who draws the biggest crowd and how well they deliver the content in their session

Get consistent and detailed ratings and reviews with the Speaker Evaluation Template

Get immediate, honest, complete evaluations for all your speakers, panels, and group discussions using the MeetingPulse platform. Learn not only who draws the biggest crowd, but also how well they deliver on the promise of their topic.  No more paper at events, or worrying about phone and tablet software compatibility. 

Since MeetingPulse is available anywhere there’s internet, you’ll be able to gather and tabulate your speaker evaluations quickly and easily.

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The purpose of a speaker evaluation event is to collect constructive criticism and feedback to help the speakers improve their future presentations. We recommend launching the speaker evaluation towards the end of an event, in the last few minutes. 

Create surveys and Polls for attendees to answer a set of closed questions. This is also a good opportunity to share the speakers’ bios through materials so the attendees direct their feedback to the right person.

Modules Included in this Template

Drive attention and response with a module for every interaction

Interaction Modules

Live Polls and Voting​

Get priceless feedback, train, and have fun. Choose from 10 types of polls to listen to participants with unmatched sensitivity.​

Make gatherings even more engaging with these features

Engagement Boosters


Show participants a splash screen with pages, links, and files: bios, maps, presentations, reports, and more.​

Speaker Evaluation Use Cases

Get attendee info pre-event with Forms

Polls with branching – different questions, depending on answers

Speaker evaluations using Forms and polls

Follow-up with presentation slides with Materials

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