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Ask, respond, seed and moderate questions with our live Q&A

The best live Q&A platform - anywhere

Why are MeetingPulse Live Q&A’s so much better? Because we’ve honed the design and capabilities based on years of meeting experience. There are nine features for editing and collating the chat, in addition to new UX features.  We even have a quick start Q&A so you can get your meeting participants interacting at the touch of a button. 

Open a Q&A in one-click, group questions together, filter out comments, and assign questions to specific speakers or moderators. Panelist names can be listed individually, to respond to questions. Official answers can be highlighted. Profanity and content filters keep questions on track.  This audience question app raises the bar for every meeting.  

Top features in MeetingPulse Live Q&A

• Group multiple questions together for upvote or action
• Upload photos with questions
• Assign to specific team members to respond and moderate
• Use broadcast view to bring screen focus to the question being addressed

How can you use MeetingPulse to get more and better questions?

Give people anonymity for the psychological safety that produces better questions
Let people vote to tell you which questions are most important
Let people dream up even more questions in advance
Moderate questions for quality control