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Whether your meetings and events are virtual or in person, there’s no better Q&A than digital Q&A

The Challenge

Running a live Q&A for an interview or a panel can be a tricky thing. Maybe you have an author promoting their new book, a celebrity sharing their story, or even an entrepreneur detailing their rise to success. For the interviewer or moderator in such cases, there’s a lot to juggle.

Among the slew of concerns, you’ve got to make sure that things run smoothly, the content is relevant, and the audience doesn’t get bored. Is the audience getting the most enriching experience? Are the guests and panelists getting the most out of their appearance and participation? Then, when things are over, what happens next?

For the Los Angeles-based How We Make Movies, a one-hour interview web show and podcast dedicated to highlighting independent filmmakers and their latest projects, MeetingPulse was able to help ease these pain points and take the show to the next level.

Q&A has well-known challenges. You may have to take questions from the audience, which, in a conventional event, means people have to line up, pass a microphone around, and, too often, run out of time to ask questions.
Some people will not so much ask questions as offer lengthy speeches.

And if your audience is savvy to social media, they’ll want to use a digital connection to ask their questions, forcing you to screen a Twitter feed or email inbox to vet their questions. Not to mention, there’s a possibility that more bashful audience members may not be willing to raise their hand and stand up in front of a crowd. Every one of these issues acts to filter out the questions that need to be asked and answered.

The Solution

“How We Make Movies” Deploys MeetingPulse’s Digital Raffle

It’s also not uncommon for organizers to give away a prize as a device to pull more people into the audience. The “How We Make Movies” show wanted to give away a cool tech product each event, like a Microsoft Surface from sponsor, so there was a natural fit getting the audience to engage. But in a conventional meeting, they’d have been tasked with the time-consuming activity of giving away small paper raffle tickets or, even worse, manually drawing a name from a pool of ticket holders or email addresses.


MeetingPulse answered some additional questions. According to the host of “How We Make Movies,” MeetingPulse’s raffle feature gave them “a great way to eliminate the process of handing out raffle tickets, which is time consuming and usually creates litter.”

When the event is finished, what then? How are you going to keep your audience members and guests engaged with each other after the fact?

When the show wrapped up, MeetingPulse maintained the momentum of audience engagement with post-event surveys that many participants took during the event itself, and many others completed afterward, for a much higher completion rate than in conventional meetings.

“MeetingPulse’s team is a delight to work with. Their voting tech is specifically designed for law firms and dead simple to use.  It meets all of our needs for online voting during partner meetings and for post-meeting voting governance.”

—  Spencer Fane