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About Us

Here’s who we are and what we’re all about at MeetingPulse

What We Do

MeetingPulse helps companies engage their event and organizational attendees with powerful interactive tools for Q&A, moderation, polls, surveys, raffles, and more.  We are passionate about helping corporate leaders and event producers adapt to the evolving culture, making live, virtual, and hybrid meetings more effective.  Whether it’s a gathering of 10 people or an international convention of 10,000 MeetingPulse takes interaction to the next level. 

Where We’re Going

We design and produce technology that supports engaging, equal, and effective group communication, both in-person and at any distance.  Our modules provide insight tools for Human Resources and organizational teams seeking employee engagement. We allow you to hear what your team has to say through our Survey tools so you can leave guessing behind and capture the data — as a credentialed participant, or anonymously — to improve your systems. 

We’re committed to helping Sales and Marketing teams optimize prospect interaction and the customer journey using our platform of touchpoints. From sales meetings, to off-sites, to exhibit booths, MeetingPulse provides a platform to schedule appointments, distribute materials and links, capture leads, Poll your audience and incentivize your teams and customers.

We’re proud to enable organizations to arrive at shared understanding that reflects a holistic and inclusive audience viewpoint. We respect the time and attention of our employees, customers, partners, and all participates involved in MeetingPulse-enabled experiences.

Our Team

The team at MeetingPulse comes from a variety of professional backgrounds and diverse life experiences. We value collaboration and share our expertise across the business.

Diversity is celebrated amongst our team with representation in over 10 countries. Our official headquarters is in San Francisco, California but we take pride in our remote-first culture that helps everyone strive for excellence while enjoying the location that suits them best.

A Note on Inclusion:

We believe inclusion matters, inside and outside of our business. MeetingPulse welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religion, age, citizenship, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, and individual qualities. 

9 countries

15 languages

9 time zones

Global Leadership Team

The account leadership team at MeetingPulse brings years of experience in audience interaction technology and events.

Aaron Lifshin

Brenner Gerry

Emily Zaehring

Tara Thomas

Eugene Baron

Jasmin Murcia

Rachel Hornstein

Marisa Frezza