Need to join a meeting?

Harness the wisdom of your discussion tables, groups and teams with idea brainstorming

Do More than Just Discuss -- Ideate

Everyone enjoys contributing with their unique gifts. The tool that empowers them to do this is Live Brainstorming. Unlock the value within your organization or team, harvesting the creativity and intuitions of everyone present or online. Great for off-sites, product meetings, leadership workshops, or roundtables where ideas are collected, reported and voted on.

In addition to collecting ideas, the group can upvote or rate ideas, and then group the ideas by topic or preference.

Top Features in MeetingPulse Brainstorming

  • Gathering the ideas into groups, then voting
  • 5-star ratings available
  • Uploading photos
  • Idea management workflow
  • Group and remove duplicates
  • Assign moderators and send ideas to the speaker

How can you use MeetingPulse to get more and better ideas?

Give people anonymity for the psychological safety that produces better ideas
Let attendees vote to tell you which ideas to prioritize
Give people time to dream up even more ideas in advance
Moderate ideas for quality control