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Localize Your Meetings in Over 110 Languages

Improve app adoption, response rates and the meeting experience for all participants with an events language and translation strategy that supports business for global enterprises

The MeetingPulse app facilitates a global strategy for language and translation

With approximately only 20% of the world speaking English and globalization in full swing, today’s enterprises need an event technology platform that provides localization, translation and language options that support broad business objectives.  

With MeetingPulse, organizers can choose from several important language management features including:

  • Auto translation of attendee responses from over 110+ languages to English in the Q&A, Polling and Ideation modules
  • A drop-down language selector with up to 10 languages for meeting participants to select from 
  • Translation enablement, allowing the browser languages to auto translate for the participant

Explore event app language and translation options with MeetingPulse

Translate the MeetingPulse User Interface

Need the full platform or select meetings in your organizer account to be translated into another language so the platform is fully localized for a region or country?  Choose languages to host your meetings in with MeetingPulse.  Ensure that all participants experience the meeting in their language and on their terms to maximize participation and provide efficient interaction and response rates of 93% and above.  

Allow Attendees to Choose Their Language

The new MeetingPulse Language Selector features 10 commonly requested languages and allows organizers to add a navbar item with a language selector to the attendee view. Meeting participants may then select their chosen language for UI instructional and informational elements of the platform to appear in their language.  The selector is ideal for countries with dual language mandates, such as Canada, because language choice is available for the user’s preference.  Choose from English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified) in language packs of one, five or all 10.

Auto-translate Attendee Responses for Q&A, Polling, Ideation and More

Global meetings include participants simultaneously speaking many different languages, but that should not prevent English-centric organizers from getting relevant questions, poll responses or great ideas from their attendees.  MeetingPulse will automatically translate attendee responses in the Q&A, Ideation and Polling modules so that English-speaking moderators and presenters can collaborate with their colleagues and fellow participants.  This feature is included in the MeetingPulse Enterprise plan and does not require the purchase of any additional languages to enable.

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