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The best live surveys platform for meetings and events

What is your audience really thinking? Use live surveys for meetings

Live surveys are a powerful tool for understanding people, their sentiments and opinions, and therefore organizational priorities. Pre-event surveys and entry surveys gather important information beforehand. Session and speaker evaluations provide real-time reviews. Employee, team, 360-degree and cross-functional surveys provide unique insight to HR professionals and leadership that is invaluable for employee sentiment and retention initiatives.

Top Features in MeetingPulse Live Surveys

• Use “Entry Surveys” with required answers to qualify respondents
• Employ dynamic polling to branch next question, based on response
• View segmentation of responses based on demographic data

MeetingPulse’s Survey solution gives you true crowdsourcing power to conduct:

Entry surveys they must answer in order to enter
Surveys during the meeting
Post-meeting surveys about the meeting itself, panelist presentations, speakers, or the moderator’s role

Activate your hybrid workforce with an integrative platform: