Need to join a meeting?

Collect audience feedback and opinions, or train and educate your teams with real-time live polling

The best software to launch live polls from a QR code or custom link in seconds

Have specific questions or need to launch an opinion poll for your audience? MeetingPulse allows you to run unlimited live polls in real time for meetings, with many configurable options. You can choose to launch individual polls at specific points of the event, or enable them all at once.  Attendees can respond one by one. As responses flow in, watch the results update in real-time, maximizing the effectiveness of technology for conference polling everywhere. 

Choose from 12 different polling types, and display results in our Broadcast View in a variety of layouts with the click of our screen display tools.  Show everyone what’s happening in real time, with word clouds, graphs and charts. Provide actionable insights in a secure, compliant platform.

For political season polling, use the QR code and your choice of security options to add polls to broadcast television shows, newspaper and magazine ads, or digital media.  Collect exit polls at town halls, community meetings and more.  Access real-time reporting anywhere from any device.  Polling software for meetings has never been easier or more dynamic.

Top Features in MeetingPulse Polls

• Collect instant meeting feedback with text or image polls
• Display results in 12 types of displays for slides, video, in-person screens, hybrid or virtual
•Use the QR code and your chosen access security to poll audiences on television, in newspapers or magazines, in digital ads and more to collect broad opinions in real time
• Get key insights for analytics on how to deliver meaningful content

How can you use MeetingPulse to poll your audience better?

Give people anonymity for the psychological safety that produces better poll answers

Enrich polls with custom images, colors, brand elements and more

Choose from 12 different poll types and multiple translation options to satisfy any scenario

Broadcast all poll answers in beautiful and dynamic, animated charts

Get reporting on all polls and responses
Use workflow features to preserve all poll answers

Poll Types

Attendees can select only one response choice for the Poll question.

Attendees can select one or more response choices for the Poll question.

 Attendees attendees can select a rating from the interval you choose.

Attendees can rank their responses to the Poll question according to their preference.

Lets voters express preferences among multiple candidates or options at the same time. Ensures any winner has more than 50% support!

Use Yes/No when a simple “yes” or “no” response is most useful, especially as you think of questions during a meeting. Just type it in and launch!

Attendees can enter their own unique text-based responses, from a few words to short paragraphs.

Attendees can enter a single integer as a response.

(Multi-rating) Attendees can select a rating for multiple items from the interval you choose.

NPS, or Net Promoter Score, lets attendees rate their level of satisfaction with the subject of the Poll. This metric was created to measure customer satisfaction from -100 to 100.

Let participants delegate their voting preferences to other participants.

Activate your audience with an unlimited polling platform