Need to join a meeting?

All-Inclusive App for Associations

Get a full app for your Annual Meeting, a virtual center for webinars, and a powerful tool for audience response, Q&A, voting, polling, board and committee collaboration, session and speaker evaluations, CPEs and more, all in one association event platform

Connect every member and all participants, with no downloads necessary, using MeetingPulse as your go-to association event app

You want to engage and build community with your membership, doctors, speakers, suppliers, sponsors and exhibitors, but very few people want to download yet another app.  Why create a different app for each meeting, survey, interaction or event? MeetingPulse is your one-stop-interaction platform that you’ll use for all types of digital and in-person meetings again and again!

Member survey? Use MeetingPulse. Training webinar in Zoom? Use MeetingPulse! Q&A, polling, quizzes, announcements, photo galleries, chat, 1:1 scheduling, brainstorming and more… it’s all there in MeetingPulse unlimited for each year.  Keep everyone connected, interacting and responding at every touchpoint while your association saves money by leveraging one easy-to-access platform. 

Every meeting has a unique QR code for easy access built in. Use the button above to scan and view a sample annual convention app as an attendee. 

MeetingPulse is ideal for:

  • Healthcare and medical associations
  • Bar and legal associations
  • Trade and professional associations
  • Education associations
  • Scientific associations
  • Political organizations

MeetingPulse provides valuable interaction for member organizations

Live Q&A sessions​

Host moderated Q&A sessions in real-time. People can ask questions before events or during sessions, and attendees can vote on the most popular questions. Moderators retain control by pre-screening questions to keep the conversation on topic.

Association Audience Member Pulse​

Read the room in real-time by letting your members tell you how they feel. Attendees share their reactions to different speakers and sessions, enabling event organizers to track member sentiment over time. It’s like a real-time round of applause.​

Association Member Surveys & Live Polls​

Learn more about your membership by surveying them on key topics, and conduct live polls to learn how your audience feels and create more interactive experiences between attendees and speakers. Poll practitioners on treatment paths and practices.  Display real-time results from up to four polls simultaneously live. Deliver evaluations for CMEs or CPEs with record speed.

Easy Global Member Access

MeetingPulse displays on the big screen beautifully in “broadcast” mode and integrates seamlessly with existing solutions like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, so attendees can join your event or webinar, wherever they are – no app downloads or installs required. ​No need for a special web app for participants on tablets or different devices.  All can access MeetingPulse, in over 110 languages!

Quizzes​, Leaderboards & Raffles

Test retained knowledge, or just bring some fun to your event and boost audience engagement with live raffles and quizzes. Use them as icebreakers, add value with giveaways from exhibitors and sponsors, and pull reports afterward to generate insights on your member profiles.​  Track superstars via a live leaderboard.

Event Management Platform

Our suite of user management tools ensures your annual meeting, webinars, committee meetings and events run without a hitch. From controlling securing access to healthcare and financial events, monitoring statistics in real-time, and pulling detailed reports, the MeetingPulse dashboard has everything you need.​

Modules Available for Unlimited Association Use in MeetingPulse

Drive attention and response with a module for every interaction

Interaction Modules

Live Polls and Voting​

Get priceless feedback, train, and have fun. Choose from 10 types of polls to listen to participants with unmatched sensitivity.​

Live Surveys​

Survey and segment groups during meetings or outside them, from employee engagement to entry surveys and post-meeting surveys.​

Live Quizzes​

Learn, play, test, and make social bonds with live quizzes. Make them even more entertaining with Raffles!​

Live Q&A​

Powerful crowdsourcing lets people ask questions (even anonymously) and vote on their priority. Unique workflow features!​


Easy-to-implement event registration with branding and theming, custom questions and fields, conditional logic, email confirmations and more.

Live Brainstorming​

Harvest the innovating genius of your groups: let them propose ideas, even anonymously, and vote to identify the very best.

Pulse™ Sentiment Analysis​

Only from MeetingPulse: gather real-time sentiment analysis as attendees express themselves with fun emojis in any gathering​