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Use MeetingPulse to bring your in-person event to life with audience engagement tools and interactive features that help you build deeper connections with your attendees.

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MeetingPulse is packed with all the tools event producers and organizers need to run a successful event – from polls to sophisticated event management software. You’ll command the attention of your attendees, forge closer connections, and build true understanding of your audiences’ sentiment.

Much of the workforce has gone remote – but technology has struggled to keep up. Our innovative technology gives hybrid and remote participants a voice equal to that of anyone in the room, so they don’t feel like second-class citizens of your organization.

MeetingPulse takes conferences and events to the next level

Live Q&A sessions​

Host moderated Q&A sessions in real-time. People can ask questions before or during sessions, and attendees can vote on the most popular questions. Moderators retain control by pre-screening questions to keep the conversation on topic.​

Audience Pulse​

Read the room in real-time by letting your audience tell you how they feel. Attendees share their reactions to different speakers and sessions, enabling event producers to track audience sentiment over time. It’s like a virtual round of applause.​

Surveys & Live Polls​

Learn more about your audience by surveying them on key topics, and conduct live polls to learn how your audience feels and create more interactive experiences between attendees and speakers. ​

Easy access​

MeetingPulse integrates seamlessly with existing solutions like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, so attendees can join your event, wherever they are. MeetingPulse works in any browser – no app downloads or installs required. ​

Raffles & Quizzes​

Bring some fun to your event and boost audience engagement with live raffles and quizzes. Use them as icebreakers during your event, and pull reports afterward to generate insights on your audience profile.​

Event management​

Our suite of user management tools ensures your conferences and events run without a hitch. From controlling access to events, monitoring statistics in real-time, and pulling detailed reports, the MeetingPulse dashboard has everything you need.​

“Easy to set up, lots of features, and amazing attendee experience!”

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“Easy to setup, lots of features and amazing attendee experience.”

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