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MeetingPulse provides a mobile event app platform to maximize meeting interaction, knowledge retention, sentiment analysis, lead generation, content delivery, data collection and feedback across every business interaction, in real time, with no downloads necessary

The enterprise platform that provides interaction and engagement, at every participant touchpoint, for meetings and events

Welcome to MeetingPulse, a powerful suite of modules designed to enhance communication, drive interactive meeting experiences, and boost participant collaboration. Our platform is built with the goal of making meetings more efficient, productive, and engaging. Whether you are conducting a small team discussion, a corporate town hall, or hosting a large-scale conference, MeetingPulse has the tools to support your needs.

Engage 95%+ of meeting participants with a platform that delivers results for business and member organizations

Boost participant engagement and create an inclusive environment with our interactive presentation tools. Conduct live polls and surveys in real time to gather opinions and make data-driven decisions. Enable real-time chat and discussion to encourage active participation and collaboration among attendees. MeetingPulse empowers every participant to contribute and be heard.


We take security and privacy seriously. MeetingPulse employs robust encryption measures to protect your data and ensure confidentiality. We adhere to strict data protection regulations and industry standards, giving you peace of mind as you collaborate and share sensitive information.

How MeetingPulse Works

Click below to explore our easy-to-manage platform process

Start from your dashboard

  • Use a quick-start template
  • Use your custom templates
  • Customize colors and graphics
  • Leverage branded themes
  • Customize your URL
  • Add modules and show or hide on nav
  • Invite managers, speakers, moderators and presenters
  • Configure display for screens and production

Select your engagement modules

  • Get started fast with one-click Q&A
  • Choose multi-topic Q&A
  • Use text and/or image polling
  • Conduct simple voting, weighted voting or proxy voting
  • Design content pages, share files, decks, links and documents 
  • Create forms and surveys with logic to collect any data
  • Facilitate personal schedules with speakers, descriptions, capacities, locations and appointments
  • Brainstorm, share and collaborate with ideation tools
  • Increase participation with activity feeds, photo gallery, quizzes, leaderboards
  • Include video, live Zoom sessions, RTMP streams, or YouTube & Vimeo 

Design and test your participant experience

  • Match your run of show to desired interactions
  • Set up pre, during and post meeting touchpoints
  • Use easy tools to show or hide modules
  • Test invites, logins, and forms
  • Start, stop and refresh and restart, as needed

Provide access to all participant roles 

  • Email invites from the platform
  • Automatic QR codes for every meeting
  • Custom URLs for display and direct links
  • Prompt for name and email on joining, if needed
  • Use meeting passwords for access, if needed
  • Distributed codes for access, if needed
  • Leverage SAML and SSO 
  • Manage admin, presenter and moderator seats for your organization

Manage the screen or broadcast view

  • Showcase smooth animations as real-time responses occur
  • Configure results views for broadcast at a touch
  • Use compare to display up to four poll results at a time
  • Highlight questions, upvoting, downvoting, ratings and more for the audience
  • Show comments on responses
  • Manage confidence monitors and send private notes to speakers
  • Reply to individual participants to clarify their response or question

View reporting that provides true insight​

  • Summary reports
  • PDF/print views
  • CSV exports
  • Custom report design
  • Anonymity preserved, or participant data available
  • Participant activity reporting
  • Questions and answer report

Enterprise technology features for business peace of mind

Event Management & Customization

Create your brand for a single event or for use across your organization by all users. Customize colors, images, video, splash pages, web pages, forms, links and even the Pulse sentiment analysis tool with images or animated GIFs that fit your interaction needs. Leverage our API to add MeetingPulse to your learning management system (LMS) or your marketing and sales stack with tools like Salesforce or Cvent. Clone meetings or create custom event templates that keep your team organized and on brand.

Reports and Meeting Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your meetings with our comprehensive analytics. Measure participant engagement, track attendance, and assess the effectiveness of your presentations and discussions. At the end of meeting sessions, automatically create reports with comprehensive details, including charts and participant data, for event insight and analysis. Reports are downloadable and can easily be transferred to other business intelligence tools.

Security and ID Manage­ment

We ensure the confidentiality and security of your data by following widely-accepted industry best practices and control frameworks. MeetingPulse is also committed to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union’s consumer data privacy law. We provide a variety of credentialing options, including SAML and SSO, and invest in security technology, tools, and resources so you and your participants can be confident that the organization’s data is always secure.

Drive attention and response with a module for every interaction

Interaction Modules

Live Polls and Voting​

Get priceless feedback, train, and have fun. Choose from 10 types of polls to listen to participants with unmatched sensitivity.​

Live Surveys​

Survey and segment groups during meetings or outside them, from employee engagement to entry surveys and post-meeting surveys.​

Live Quizzes​

Learn, play, test, and make social bonds with live quizzes. Make them even more entertaining with Raffles!​

Live Q&A​

Powerful crowdsourcing lets people ask questions (even anonymously) and vote on their priority. Unique workflow features!​


Easy-to-implement event registration with branding and theming, custom questions and fields, conditional logic, email confirmations and more.

Live Brainstorming​

Harvest the innovating genius of your groups: let them propose ideas, even anonymously, and vote to identify the very best.

Pulse™ Sentiment Analysis​

Only from MeetingPulse: gather real-time sentiment analysis as attendees express themselves with fun emojis in any gathering​


Add conversational buzz to give your meetings and events the feeling something interesting and fun is afoot.​


For the most productive meetings and maximum buy-in, crowdsource the most meaningful agenda for your engagements.​

Language Management

Host meetings in a choice of over 110 languages, automatically translate input to English, and provide a user-choice language selector.

Make gatherings even more engaging with these features

Engagement Boosters


Let participants book event activities for their own personal schedules. A favorite of event professionals.​


For added fun and engagement, let attendees take, share, and comment on photos.​


Share your screen. Broadcast video. Add live video or embed third-party video to any meeting.​


Show participants a splash screen with pages, links, and files: bios, maps, presentations, reports, and more.​


Send instant announcements and reminders: upcoming breaks, sessions, activities, etiquette, shout-outs, and more.​


Incentivize participants with prizes and recognition.

The values we live by

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