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Add buzz to any meeting or event with our Chat Activity Feed

Engage an audience during a presentation – let them talk to one another

People want to share their ideas, hear what others are thinking, and connect with one another. MeetingPulse Chat gives them the place to do it from anywhere: in the room, online, and beyond (outside the room, from the exhibit hall, etc.) A high-volume chat can create that special “buzz” within your live or hybrid event and engage an audience during a presentation. 

  • Customizable profanity filter 
  • Boot and delete messages for specific users
  • Export transcripts

Top Features in MeetingPulse Chat

How can you use MeetingPulse to get more and better ideas?

Anonymous chat submissions
Upload images to chat
Scalable and real-time for events and meetings of any size
Remove unwanted messages and/or the user that sent them
Export full CSV of messages
Attendee skin tone selector

Why is Chat so Helpful in meetings and Events?

Organizers can talk to their audiences - including very large audiences, who are sending lots of messages

At your discretion, each audience member can choose to be named or be anonymous, for maximum psychological safety. Users can toggle between being identified or being anonymous, depending on their comments.

Moderators can delete inappropriate messages.

Audience members can use their mobile phones to express themselves with the emojis they LOVE to use, opening up whole new layers of expressive power.

Attendees can share photos in Chat. They may share photos because it’s just fun to share and comment, or they may share photos of, say, sample uses of a product, or error messages and UX issues to resolve.

What Values Does Chat Support?

Chat supports values we share, like open conversation and participatory discussions that let more people be heard from. People do great things when they’re engaged in safe and open conversation.

Chat Means … Audience Performance

In short, Chat is a game-changer for adding yet more engagement to the #1 engagement platform in the business. Because you don’t just want audience response - you want audience performance.

Chat will be available to Premium and Enterprise clients at no cost during our beta-testing period. After that, it will be available for an additional fee.

Note: MeetingPulse Chat is for public chat conversations available to all attendees. It does not allow private conversations or direct messages (DMs). Chat transcripts will soon be available.

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