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All Hands Template

An All-Hands meeting is most effective as two-way engagement: listen to your employees, provide the answers they need, and find out how leadership’s communication is landing

Lead your employees or members with informed purpose with the All Hands Template

Bringing together your employees in an All Hands meeting is the perfect time for two-way engagement. Listen to what your attendees want to hear ahead of time, let them share their concerns, and find out how leadership communication is landing – all by engaging online.  

Senior managers depend on All Hands meetings to share their vision with the company and to communicate vital information. And they want to know that the message was heard and received. They also want to know what employees are thinking, to create a culture of understanding and communication. This template of MeetingPulse tools provides you the means to generate this two-way communication.

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Prepare for your next all-hands using this template. Use Pulse to create a buzz of shared feelings during the meeting. Share important information using materials and create fun Quizzes to create a good atmosphere among team members. 

Senior management should respond to the Q&A, and everyone should get our exit survey so that the next all-hands can be improved.

Modules Included in this Template

Drive attention and response with a module for every interaction

Interaction Modules

Live Surveys​

Survey and segment groups during meetings or outside them, from employee engagement to entry surveys and post-meeting surveys.​

Live Quizzes​

Learn, play, test, and make social bonds with live quizzes. Make them even more entertaining with Raffles!​

Live Q&A​

Powerful crowdsourcing lets people ask questions (even anonymously) and vote on their priority. Unique workflow features!​

All Hands Template Use Cases

CEO Q&A sessions

Exit survey to understand employee sentiment

Corporate & trivia quizzes

Follow-up polls to see if the messaging lasts outside the meeting

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