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5 Steps to Fast Track Sales

It’s Sales Kick-Off time! Your Sales Kickoff is the most important meeting of the year for your bottom line. 

Many U.S. enterprises unite their sales teams early in Q1, in person or virtually, to educate them and share the year’s sales goals. It’s critical to energize the team with a dynamic and engaging Sales Kick-Off event.

Because most companies use a sales platform, like Salesforce, to provide sales with hot leads and show sales progress, it makes sense to energize them by using a compatible tech platform.

Here are 5 great ways to motivate the sales team at your Kick-Off using technology.

1. Source relevant topics and items to cover at the meeting

What better way to engage your sales team right away than to collaborate with them to ask them what they want to know? Or learn?

Crowdsourcing your agenda through tech (like MeetingPulse) is the perfect way to start prepping the meeting ahead of time. Make sure you cover the questions and topics that sales people want to know. Even better, make sure everyone can see the suggestions so they can “upvote” good ideas. This ensures the best content and topics are in the agenda.  

2. Schedule General Sessions, Breakouts, and 1-to-1 meetings

Get them pumped up and ready for the Sales meeting with a schedule they can access easily on their phones. There’ll be no more excuses for not knowing exactly where and when they should be during the day.

Create separate times for regional breakout meetings, and 1-to-1 meetings between managers and their local teams, to ensure everyone is hearing the right message and is ready to go! Include senior management, HR, IT, and others who are critical to sales success.

3. Distribute playbooks, sales enablement materials, and more

You’ll be arming your sales team with important information, including materials to help them sell. The right tech platform can help you share data sheets, presentation decks, and web portals with them (even on their mobile devices).

Having a core tech distribution center, to house all your important sales enablement materials, ensures they have everything they need to close sales and make their numbers each quarter.

4. Include Q&A, polling, and chat sessions at the sales kick-off meeting

One of the best ways to learn how the meeting is going is to get real-time feedback. The right tech platform captures the feeling in the room (and online) and fosters immediate interaction.

MeetingPulse gives every participant a voice, creating the place for responses as well as answering questions as soon as they’re asked.

It also creates a “safe space” for asking what might be perceived as tough questions by providing anonymity (if needed). Senior leaders will appreciate hearing both positive responses and potential roadblocks that they can solve early in the year.  

5. Incentivize and reward with games, quizzes, and leaderboards

One of the best traits of successful sales people is their competitive spirit. A leaderboard that starts at the meeting helps them to see how they’re doing and spur themselves (and others) on to meeting sales goals.  

Incentives and rewards will help sales teams compete together by region, too. Help your local sales leaders to start off the year with a bang, getting everyone on board with the right technology at the kick-off meeting.

It doesn’t end when the meeting is over; in fact, that’s just the beginning! MeetingPulse’s powerful API connects sales people with their sales platform to provide ongoing training, development, and learning. This gives your sales team all the tools they need, at their fingertips, to be successful year-round.

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