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MeetingPulse Statement on Black Lives Matter

Here at MeetingPulse we work on open dialogue, shared understanding, and a discourse where every voice is heard. We stand against all injustice and all violence of the strong against the weak, in particular black people in the USA. Violence and systemic oppression are against our values and everything we believe in.

We cannot rise together towards a more just future through the use of violence, whether by rioters, looters, or the police. We call on leadership at every level of government to de-escalate, to exercise restraint in the use of force, and to open every opportunity for candor, dialog and listening. We condemn corruption within police departments and call for accountability for police officers.

We recognize that there are good, well meaning individuals within police organizations. And we hope that their voices are heard and elevated, as they must be, in order to create organizational change. We believe that the desperately overdue change in the world must start with each individual, and expand outward. We are reading, learning and sharing within our team, and hearing the many voices raised across the land.

MeetingPulse stands with those rising for justice. As we grapple with the complexities of history and the present moment, one action people can take is to learn about the issues and injustices impacting black Americans, and to listen to their voices. For this, we recommend this extensive compilation of resources.

Our customers are thought and culture leaders and educators within the business world and beyond. We call on you to create the time and space to listen to the people in your teams. The action of listening, of creating an open, safe forum to speak is powerful. We encourage you to have the difficult conversations about race, discrimination, history, and any and all related experiences of the people on your team.

Having spoken, internally, with our global team, beyond our commitment to equal opportunity, we commit to:

  • Openness to issues of discrimination being raised within the company
  • Supporting our employees when they encounter discrimination during the performance of their day to day duties
  • In support of Black Lives Matter, we will match any employee donation up to $1000 per employee, to the Black Lives Matter Global Network, local bail funds for protesters, or other organizations in support of the movement.

We hope and believe that the arc of history bends towards justice, though ever too slowly. The historical social woes of a nation are larger than any individual and greater than our team.

Every individual contribution is meaningful, whether it is to supporting the broader fight for justice, helping others to do so, or simply learning, listening and steadying yourself in these times.

Black Lives Matter.

We wish you all safe and well.

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