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New Starter tier becomes the most affordable interactivity plan on market

Last month, on July 1, 2021, MeetingPulse added a new Starter plan and discontinued the Pro plan to best accommodate users’ growing needs. Now, the Starter plan is now the most affordable interactivity plan on the market. These changes only apply to new purchases; if you’re on an existing active paid subscription plan, nothing changes for you.

Since we launched MeetingPulse 6 years ago, we have evolved from a modest polling tool into a comprehensive interactivity platform. This change stems from our commitment to make meetings count. We are all too familiar with the inefficiencies of today’s meetings and events and this new plan aims to continue to add value to the platform and grow our community of MeetingPulse users.

Since June 2020 alone, MeetingPulse has been used by over 1.4 million participants and more than a hundred global enterprises.

Behind these users is a wonderful, wide and diverse community‚ from corporate leaders to educators and agencies, all with specific needs and requirements.

MeetingPulse is introducing the Starter plan to create the most affordable, scalable and feature-rich interactivity subscription tool on the market. Our new plan structure (see below) aims to provide a lower price entry point while expanding the robust functionality of our enterprise-level plans to all. (an idea). We love passing on these changes to our customers as time goes on, and it’s exciting to see all the fascinating interactions our customers create with the product. We hope these self-service pricing plans allow more individuals to do even more of this!

Questions? For more details regarding our Plans, please see our pricing page or contact us directly.

If you’d like to upgrade to a plan, you can do so here.

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