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Why Use a Meeting Survey App During Your Marketing Presentation

If you’ve attended a conference recently as a presenter or participant, you are likely already familiar with meeting survey apps. These solutions enable audience participation, allowing a group to simultaneously respond to questions, answer polls, and vote on proposed concepts.

While these solutions work well in the context of conferences and meetings, they’re also ideal — though underutilized — for use during marketing presentations.

Marketers have every reason to consider using meeting survey solutions in marketing presentations. Meeting survey apps offer many advantages in the marketing environment, where audience engagement is critical to make a sale.

Here are a few advantages of using this technology in a marketing environment:

Increased Audience Engagement: Attending a marketing presentation can be just as tedious as watching a presenter speak alongside a slideshow.

Meeting survey apps provide real-time information about how an audience is receiving material, while giving them options for participating in a discussion. Two-way conversation increases engagement and helps presenters to understand group sentiment.

Generation and Qualification of Leads: The more a marketer knows about their target audience, the better. Meeting survey apps gather data from prospective customers so that marketers can determine where their targets are in the sales funnel — and thus properly nurture them toward their next step.

Audience members can be categorized according to demographics, industry, or other factors relevant to a particular marketing funnel. Furthermore, meeting survey solutions ensure the collection of contact information from respondents, which generates new leads.

More Relevant Content: Marketing presentations can fail quickly if the facilitators are not responding adequately to audience sentiment. If a presenter is delivering information that isn’t relevant or interesting to the group at hand, meeting survey solutions allow the audience to provide feedback.

A quick survey can help a presenter to get back on track — whether that means providing key details that audience members are lacking — or more clearly showing them how a given product is able to meet their needs.

Real-Time Queries: Audience members often have questions during a presentation. Meeting survey solutions allow them submit queries as they arise. Leaving questions until the end of a presentation leaves time for attendees to forget their query — plus later queries are less likely to be relevant to the topic at hand.

Responding during a presentation enables presenters to more clearly communicate with their audience while showing off key product features that may require more explanation.

Real-Time Shared Surveys: The ability to share survey results in real time is a valuable feature for marketing presentations because attendees can see how their responses compare to others.

This enables an audience to gauge how like-minded they are as a group regarding key topics covered during a presentation. Seeing the outcome of a survey tells stakeholders more about where they stand in terms of buy-in. This can potentially expedite purchasing decisions and fast-track the approvals process.

As you can see, meeting survey solutions offer many advantages when it comes to marketing applications. (By using a meeting survey app, it’s even possible to combine presentations to multiple groups or clients into a single event.)

Meeting survey solutions translate naturally into a marketing setting. Engagement is as essential to marketing as it is to meetings and there’s a lot at stake when it comes to sales.

MeetingPulse’s meeting survey app is an effective solution for marketers that need valuable feedback from a group during presentations — as well as before and after.

Our technology supports marketing efforts and allows presenters to continually adjust their presentations in response to audience sentiment.

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