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Add $100K or More in Annual Revenue with the MeetingPulse Reseller Program

Offer your pharmaceutical and life sciences clients and partners a platform that helps them run more efficient virtual and in-person meetings, conferences, ad boards, investigator meetings, product launches, medical event sessions and more with the MeetingPulse event management platform


Flexible Revenue Share and Reseller Options

A reseller partnership with MeetingPulse places an innovative, engaging and revenue-generating tool in your arsenal of solutions for your top clients.  One powerful platform for registration, brainstorming, sentiment analysis, live polling, Q&A, surveys, raffles, and more provides continuous data and insight to meet and exceed business objectives.

How the Program Works

  • All first contact, account discussions and service revenue opportunity goes through the Revenue Share partner
  • Co-marketing and outreach support
  • Materials and training for your team
  • Sales training and co-sales assistance from the MeetingPulse team (if desired)
  • You can own the client and provide enhanced service and support, or hand off to MeetingPulse
  • Generous 50/50 revenue share on all license revenue in first and subsequent years
  • Agreement is an annual software license with possible add-ons
  • Can scale for user seats and meeting participant numbers

A powerful enterprise platform that brings unique value to your top clients!

MeetingPulse Features

From live polling, to voting, Q&A, chat, photos, brainstorming and full registration, MeetingPulse delivers an easy-to-implement event tech solution

Showcase your live stream or recorded video from inside the MeetingPulse platform with interaction tools alongside

Build and theme templates for your team that may be accessed by all admins on  your enterprise account 

Host a meeting in over 110 languages, provide automated translation for Q&A, and feature a user-managed language selector with a choice of up to ten languages

Brand and theme your meetings with colors, accents, images and background elements for each theme in your account.  Choose palettes and fonts with our custom white-label options

Add your MeetingPulse interaction elements to any website, other virtual platforms such as Cvent, or to your company’s custom-built platforms 

Accept secure uploads of PDF documents via the MeetingPulse Q&A module.  Keep the documents in a private, moderated queue that cannot be viewed by participants

Choose from a multitude of easy-to-implement security options including 2-step email verification, access codes, meeting passwords, and more

Secure and track your entire company’s logins to the platform with an SSO or SAML implementation 

Move data from registrations surveys, polls, quizzes and more to your CRM, HRIS, marketing platform or other business system

Get full event management, A/V production team training, onsite or remote event support from interaction experts on the MeetingPulse team

Create the interaction and engagement platform of your dreams with our world-class product and dev teams to support events that help you meet your distinct and mission-critical business objectives

Tech trusted by leading global pharma companies

“Easy to setup, lots of features and amazing attendee experience.”

Explore the MeetingPulse response platform

Drive attention and response with a module for every interaction

Interaction Modules

Live Polls and Voting​

Get priceless feedback, train, and have fun. Choose from 10 types of polls to listen to participants with unmatched sensitivity.​

Live Surveys​

Survey and segment groups during meetings or outside them, from employee engagement to entry surveys and post-meeting surveys.​

Live Quizzes​

Learn, play, test, and make social bonds with live quizzes. Make them even more entertaining with top-scorer opt in to Raffles!​

Live Q&A​

Powerful crowdsourcing lets people ask questions (even anonymously) and vote on their priority. Unique workflow features!​


Easy-to-implement event registration with branding and theming, custom questions and fields, conditional logic, email confirmations and more.

Live Brainstorming​

Harvest the innovating genius of your groups: let them propose ideas, even anonymously, and vote to identify the very best.

Pulse™ Sentiment Analysis​

Only from MeetingPulse: gather real-time sentiment analysis as attendees express themselves with fun emojis in any gathering​


Add conversational buzz to give your meetings and events the feeling something interesting and fun is afoot.​


For the most productive meetings and maximum buy-in, crowdsource the most meaningful agenda for your engagements.​

Language Management

Host meetings in a choice of over 110 languages, automatically translate input to English, and provide a user-choice language selector.

Make gatherings even more engaging with these features

Engagement Boosters


Let participants book event activities for their own personal schedules. A favorite of event professionals.​


For added fun and engagement, let attendees take, share, and comment on photos.​


Share your screen. Broadcast video. Add live video or embed third-party video to any meeting.​


Show participants a splash screen with pages, links, and files: bios, maps, presentations, reports, and more.​


Send instant announcements and reminders: upcoming breaks, sessions, activities, etiquette, shout-outs, and more.​


Incentivize participants with icebreakers, games, prizes and recognition.

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Works in any browser: no app installs required.


Make it yours. Enable the only features you need and apply your own branding.