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5 Tips for Managing Your Startup Workforce

Today more than ever, straddling technological advances while satisfying the demands of a younger workforce is key to retaining the most vibrant and valuable employees.

In his recent article in Entrepreneur titled 5 Tips for Managing the Digital Workforce of Your Startup, Daniel Newman shares some of the wisdom he has gained as president of Broadsuite.

At the end of the day, people are still people. There’s no digital transformation on earth that can change that. Focus on labor platforms that truly invite connection, rather than anonymization. Take time to get to know your employees’ passions, gifts and pain points. And understand, as surely as the sun is shining, communication is still central to helping your brightest employees grow — right along with your company.

Newman highlights 5 valuable tips for managing a startup and growing a positive corporate culture during these times of change:

  • Know what works and what doesn’t
  • Let them grow
  • Get creative with organizational structure
  • Get on board with BYOD
  • Never stop communicating

According to Newman, startups have a key advantage in the current corporate landscape:

The good news is that as a start-up, your company is younger, more nimble¬†and more adaptable than many of the lagging giants in your respective industry. If there’s anyone primed to take on the world of contingent digital workers, it’s you.

Furthermore, now is the time to take advantage of BYOD — or “bring your own device” — technology.

Now that most workers have their own computers, smartphones, and tablets, companies are able to save money by allowing workers to use the devices they are most familiar with. In this digital workforce age, BYOD is the new normal.

Finally, employees expect a different lifestyle when working with startups — one characterized by higher levels of independence. As Newman explains:

Nowadays, employees favor freedom over structure. They want the flexibility to pursue outside passions and income streams and the chance to play a meaningful role in a place they feel good about. If you’re not onboard, you’re going to struggle finding, and keeping, the employees you truly need. 

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