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Introducing the MeetingPulse Engagement-First Registration Module

Introducing the MeetingPulse Registration Module: Gather your audience securely, and at the speed of business

Most Event Tech Software TALKS about Engagement 
– MeetingPulse Delivers It –

The art of hosting remarkable events is constantly being refined. Companies are continually innovating to ensure that enterprises are equipped with the tools they need to deliver immersive, integrated, and inclusive event experiences. These often come with significant investments in time, budget, staffing, outsourcing, and more.

There are many registration tools on the market aimed at enterprises, and we know MeetingPulse users are focused on gathering their audience to start the process of listening and to gain insight as early as possible. Now, enterprises have access to the fastest way to do that in the market — with MeetingPulse registration. No more long cycles to build your registration database.  No more extra hands to create complex forms. Spin up registration for your meetings as quickly as you set up a poll or survey.

Aaron Lifshin, CEO of MeetingPulse, says, “This feature and integration mark a significant milestone for MeetingPulse. It revolutionizes event execution, boosting engagement and efficiency and fundamentally reshaping the interactive event landscape.” With this expansion of attendee management functionality, the MeetingPulse platform assumes a unique position in the event tech space as an “engagement-first” event management solution.

Bridging the Gap with the New Registration Module

Come September 21, 2023, we launch our highly anticipated Registration module. Tailored to offer unmatched ease and efficiency in planning and executing both internal and external events, this feature comes packed with a rich palette of functionalities that promise to transform how you orchestrate events.

MeetingPulse’s feature-rich registration experience includes:

  • Short or long-form registration
  • Powerful conditional logic with dynamic design
  • Pre-event surveys
  • 10 poll types, including image polls and quizzes
  • Instructional text and splash pages 
  • Policies and terms of acceptance
  • Payment links
  • ICS files inclusion
  • Branding and theming
  • Secure access codes
  • Custom confirmation emails
  • Robust compliance support, including disclaimers and terms acceptance

As users progress through creating meetings in the platform, they’ll experience a smooth and speedy, user-friendly registration process, fortified with authenticated and non-authenticated modes for flexible access control. In a non-authenticated meeting, attendees fill out the form you’ve customized and once submitted, they will be emailed a meeting link as usual. In the authenticated mode, registrants from a list you upload will be required to verify their email address before being given the actual meeting link. This arrangement ensures a smooth experience, and security piece of mind from the very first click.

A Treasure Trove of Customizable Fields

When it comes to data collection, the Registration module is nothing short of a powerhouse. With an array of field options including first name, last name, phone number, company, and address, event organizers can customize the data they wish to collect, enabling a rich archive of insights for post-event analysis. Moreover, these fields integrate flawlessly with existing Q&A and chat modules, ensuring an engaged and personalized attendee experience.

To go even further, users can implement conditional polling to ensure the individualization of each participant’s event experience. Organizers can set up a conditional poll that will lead participants through a custom question format. For instance, if session XYZ is being offered in the morning and evening, once a participant selects that they’d like to attend they will then be prompted to select their preferred session time. Think of it as the “choose your own adventure” of event management apps.

Pioneering Seamless Connectivity

In a world steering clear of cumbersome downloads and restrictive app stores, MeetingPulse stands tall with a fully web-based platform that guarantees connectivity. Event attendees enjoy the luxury of participating without the hassle of downloading any apps, paving the way for higher engagement and inclusive conversations where every voice is valued. 

The easy, seamless integration of MeetingPulse with your CRM systems, customer data platforms, and favorite tools like PowerPoint, Zoom, and Zapier, will enable data transfer right from the start, ensuring the connectivity that will take your events into the future.

Empowering Enterprises with Intelligent Event Solutions

For existing customers who have enjoyed the seamless connectivity of MeetingPulse, you will now find the addition of the Registration feature a natural and invaluable extension.

  • Effortless Attendee Experience: The flow starts with a descriptive splash page, ensuring attendees are well-informed from the onset. Depending on need, they can simply fill out the form or authenticate via email verification. Our commitment to efficiency ensures that the transition into the actual meeting is as smooth as registering.
  • Comprehensive Event Data Capture: With stricter regulation of third-party data sharing, and the deprecation of third-party cookies, event data has become increasingly important. Beyond the basics, our registration includes salutations, phone numbers, addresses, and company details. Moreover, first and last names will be displayed in reports and various interactions, creating a more personalized touch during Q&A sessions, chats, and more.
  • One Powerful Platform: Bring all your tools and softwares together in a single platform for your entire event lifecycle from registration to engagement data.

Whether you’re steering a large enterprise or a budding event production company, the new Registration module unlocks a world of possibilities. For CXOs at large corporations, this translates into a robust solution that meets all your event needs, maximizes the value of your event data, and drives ROI at a competitive price point. Event organizers find in MeetingPulse a partner that amplifies their service offerings, promising unprecedented value to their clientele. 

The buzz is real, with enterprise customers echoing similar sentiments, “Registration has made it easy for us to close the loop on the audience response elements for our meeting. Instead of managing multiple platforms, we now have everything in one place. MeetingPulse is a game-changer that enhances efficiency and delivers a seamless experience for our team and attendees.”

Trend Alert: The Consolidation of Your Event Tech Stack

The modern event landscape has been shifting towards consolidating tech stacks. With a myriad of tools in the marketplace, organizers and companies often find themselves juggling between platforms, leading to inefficiencies and fragmented experiences, not to mention ballooning costs. MeetingPulse’s Registration module aligns perfectly with the trend of having a single platform for all audience response and event function needs, a first in the audience response tool market.

Our Registration feature, when coupled with our existing tools such as real-time polling, Q&A, sentiment analysis, and more, makes MeetingPulse a one-stop solution. It’s not just about simplifying the process, but about enhancing the quality of every event, ensuring that from start to finish, every interaction is meaningful. With the ease of use and speed at which users can implement registration into their meetings, this module is an obvious choice for leadership and planners everywhere.

It’s not just about offering more features; it’s about smart integration of all the essential tools in one accessible place, helping you work more efficiently and effectively.

All-Encompassing Event Solutions

But it doesn’t just stop at registration. Once onboard, attendees find themselves in a vibrant ecosystem of interactive solutions. Real-time polling, voting, Q&A sessions, and sentiment analysis are just a few of the tools at their disposal, ensuring a collaborative and enriching event journey from start to finish.

Visit solutions to discover how you can transform your events with the new Registration module. Let’s craft events that are not just immersive and measurable but echo with the heartbeat of human connection and innovation. Welcome to the future of event technology, where every detail is crafted with you in mind.

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