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How to Use Live Quizzes to Bring a Meeting or Event to Life

Ever hit a point during a meeting or event when it feels like your audience’s eyes are open, but people are not exactly alert? Good news: by including some live quizzes in your presentation, you can avoid that awkward scenario. 

Despite how we might have felt during our school days, quizzes aren’t a bad thing. We can even make them enjoyable. And a fun quiz is a clever way to engage your audience by waking their minds up and encouraging them to get a little imaginative. It also can stoke a bit of friendly competition among team members.  

Instead of placing an audience in the position of only listening, you can use a live quiz to make every single person an engaged participant. And it works whether they’re attending your event in person or remotely.  

In this article, we’ll explain what a live quiz is and how it can boost the attendee experience at your next meeting or event through engagement and interaction.  

What is a live quiz? 

A live quiz is one that an event or meeting host presents so that attendees answer its questions in real-time. Thanks to the many software services and third-party providers that offer the capability of making a live quiz game, it’s never been easier to create and administer an interactive activity for any event you host. 

MeetingPulse’s live quiz tool offers different ways to get creative, including single-answer, multiple-answer, and numeric poll quizzes, plus team leaderboards.   

What are the benefits of live quizzes and polls? 

Quizzes can encourage participation, boost confidence, improve understanding, and even help event attendees retain knowledge.  

Not only can adding a live quiz make your event more fun, it’s a subtle way to teach your audience something new without making it feel like a chore.  

Participants will also be able to see what questions they got wrong in real-time, which will help them to recollect the correct answers more easily.  

Quizzes can be used as icebreakers to help your attendees get comfortable and ease into the subject matter. They also allow an early test of whether your equipment will function properly. Quizzes can also help you gauge how much your audience knows about a topic at the beginning of a training session or learning event. In a similar vein, they can be used during the event to test comprehension, and again at the end to gauge how much your attendees learned. 

Want to get your attendees engaged in a little competition throughout your meeting? Quizzes are perfect for that. They’ll increase the interest level, and potentially add a little drama. For extra engagement and fun, you can add the Raffle solution to select from among those who did the best on your quiz.

How to make a quiz more engaging 

So, we’ve gone over how a quiz can benefit you and your team. Now, we’ll take a look at how to make them more engaging for your audience.  

Quizzes are generally helpful, but there are ways to maximize their potential to encourage participation at your meetings and events. Simple things like adding a time limit for answering can get your respondents thinking quickly. Using multiple choice questions will give them some options to think about and discuss with teammates.   

How to make a quiz more engaging

Go anonymous 

One way to ease respondent anxiety is to allow for anonymous responses — an option MeetingPulse offers. By forgoing the use of any personally identifiable information, you will allow attendees to feel more comfortable in participating. It also could make them more likely to offer valuable feedback on the quiz or process, such as whether the scope of the quiz is exclusionary or limiting.  

That layer of anonymity can also increase participation rates and ensure the psychological safety of everyone in the room. No one wants to be the person getting all the answers wrong in front of everyone. 


Use a leaderboard 

Another option is using a leaderboard for either individual attendees or teams. This is especially useful when you run a quiz for the duration of an event or meeting. As an individual or team selects the correct answer to a question, the score and ranking order will update accordingly.  

The leaderboards are automatically generated based on who has opted in, and will show whatever attendees submit in the “prompt for name” field.  

A team leaderboard will group your attendees into teams and show the combined score for each in the same manner. The team leaderboard may offer a little security, though, because each attendee can share the spotlight with group members. 


Include a raffle 

MeetingPulse quizzes include a raffle module that allows you to pick quiz participants or winners at random. Because the raffle runs in real-time, you must have started your meeting and triggered the raffle module yourself.  

You can opt for a few different methods, including: 

  • Online attendees. This will pick someone from the entire logged-in audience. 
  • Anyone who opts in. This will ask the audience to opt in. After participants join, the raffle will pick from those who opted in. It’s a great way to ask for volunteers or to select someone to speak. 
  • Anyone who submits their email. This will ask the audience for the email addresses and select from those who choose to submit. This is a good method for lead generation. 
  • Everyone who passed the quiz. When you want to reward those who took a quiz and did well, this will select a winner from all of the attendees who answered correctly. 

Incorporate images 

You can add an image to live polls and quizzes, whether they involve single-answer, multiple-answer or preference-poll responses. Adding a good visual representation can make a stronger connection for your participants.  

Quiz me 

Quizzes can give a lift to just about any event or meeting, while also having the potential to support your marketing efforts. The MeetingPulse live quiz features can help you create interactions that will capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to participate, ensuring that your meeting or event is more enjoyable for all.

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