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Native App vs. Web App – Which Is Best for Live Audience Software?

Live audience software is generally available in two forms: native app and web app. What are the differences? Which should you choose to meet your company’s needs?

Native Apps

A native app is designed for a particular mobile device and must be installed directly via an app store or other source. Native apps take up memory and they must be updated and maintained.

Web Apps

Web apps, on the other hand, are internet-enabled apps that are accessible via any browser on a phone or computer. They don’t need to be downloaded in order to be accessed, so they are more… accessible. Users can access them any time on the fly.

Native vs. Web: A Quick Comparison

The main drawback of the native app is that the user must dedicate device memory and invest time in an initial download. Then, they have to keep downloading updates over time.

A Web app, on the other hand, is always available and updates itself automatically because the software is maintained server-side by the provider. This makes it even easier to keep your audience informed and involved.

Web App Advantages

Recently, the popularity of web app live audience software has risen. Mobile device use has made it easier than ever to access feedback apps on the fly. Today, most people have regular access to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

While native apps have a lot to offer, web apps are more easily accessible and require less maintenance. Web app solutions:

  • Don’t require downloads or installations
  • Don’t take up device memory
  • Are always up-to-date
  • Don’t require download fees
  • Don’t require IT support
  • Are accessible anywhere, anytime

Features to Consider

If you’re interested in checking out web app versions of live audience software, consider the following features:

  • Authentication or login methods
  • Level of flexibility and customization
  • Encryption options for privacy
  • Level of user-friendliness
  • Fast and efficient setup features
  • Reporting tools for data analysis

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