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Proactively Managing Employee Engagement, Development, and Satisfaction

The “employee experience” spans every aspect of an individual’s journey with the company. It begins with recruitment, moves to onboarding, and continues through the employee’s arc of development and contribution. The goals are employee growth, commitment, and satisfaction.

The core issue in managing, if not enhancing and increasing the employee experience is facilitating and driving employee engagement. Greater employee engagement floats all boats.

There are however, some fairly wide and deep chasms for a company to cross to be proactive. Three have emerged as significant opportunities for software to build effective bridges:

  1. Companies of all sizes have an increasingly diverse workforce, where any employee will be working with individuals on different continents, in different time zones, of different generations, cultures, and backgrounds. All of which enrich the culture through interaction and engagement.
  2. Complicating matters is that this diverse workforce is working from anywhere and everywhere, and has their own technological preferences and needs. Individuals display varying degrees of technical proficiency no matter what device they choose.
  3. Personalities which range from quiet to commanding, from introvert to extrovert, posing intergroup challenges. All parties should be able to be recognized and contribute. If we can get the intergroup interaction figured out, we are promoting connection, collaboration, engagement, and perhaps most importantly, a sense of community. That is a preferred workplace.

To move from management to proactively driving engagement, any solution must address these concerns:

The democratization of communication. Every employee must have his voice, and deserves to be heard. They need to feel they will be heard, no matter how small they perceive their voice to be. They deserve to be able to render their opinion on any matter germane to their employment, whether large or small.

Recognition is essential. It can take the form of a comment, an answer, feedback – and it is time sensitive. Recognition is inclusiveness, engagement.

Leadership must have real-time insight and data to make effective decisions. It may be on any range of topics, and be responses to surveys, polls, or moderated Q&A sessions.

Becoming a catalyst for employee engagement

MeetingPulse’s innovation has shown that technology can and will facilitate and drive employee engagement by providing a superior platform for two-way communication and meetings large and small, within a department or company-wide, in a room or global. Providing more effective management of the process, keeping management informed with real-time hard and soft data on every meeting. The platform provides:

  • The facilitation for more effective intergroup and intercompany communication where every employee is confident that their voice is heard. This yields better, more effective collaboration, understanding and overall teamwork. This fuels productivity and creativity.
  • Q&A and polling features that gather and display employees answers and responses, providing management with identification of issues, feedback, and insight into each employee. This in turn enables management to provide them with the training and tools they require. Job satisfaction and morale increase.
  • A stronger, more loyal base of committed employees who feel recognized and supported is better able to withstand and adapt to change, to form cohesive groups to share information, to realize a more stable, committed workforce.

A 350% increase in engagement

The technology has proven itself in day-to-day operation bringing advanced engagement tools and interactive features that bring in-person, hybrid and virtual events to life. A client experience:

An S&P 500 investment management firm reports an estimated
increase in engagement of 350% over baseline participation.

It’s clear that features such as live moderated Q&A during panels, quick interactive polls, and anonymous posting to encourage more people to ask powerful questions has a direct and positive impact on maintaining a culture of transparency, open dialog and feedback flowing from every corner of the organization.

Employee engagement is the key to enhancing the overall employee experience. Technological innovation, led by Meeting Pulse, drives greater and deeper employee engagement.

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