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Introducing Q&A auto-translation

It can be daunting to ask a question during a meeting. Especially in front of a big audience. Especially if the question is challenging or complex. And most especially if English is not your first language.

With that in mind, MeetingPulse is pleased to announce a new feature: one-click translation of questions in our Live Q&A module.

For companies wishing to engage their “offshore‚” staff (over even just in-house employees with limited or non-native English skills), we believe this feature will be especially useful.

Corporate Communications teams can conduct virtual town halls and all-hands meetings spanning multiple countries or continents — without needing to enlist an interpreter or restrict submissions to “English Only Please”.

Increased Audience Engagement with Zero Frustration

On the flip side, instant translations will give meeting attendees the option to ask deeper questions, in a language they are more comfortable with, without the delay or frustration of trying to translate their question in their head or via an app, mid-meeting. Meeting leaders, in turn, can expect more questions — and often better-quality questions — from their diverse workforce.

Following a beta test conducted with one of our customers with operations in 3 different countries, participants said they appreciated the ability to submit questions in their native language. The moderator also said he noticed a significant increase in the level of engagement during the event’s Q&A session.

Currently, MeetingPulse’s Live Q&A module can translate between 50 languages, with no limit on the number of languages per meeting session. As with “regular” questions, the non-English submissions can be reviewed, translated and edited in the moderator’s Pending Questions tab.

If the question is approved, it will appear in both languages in the Submitted Questions tab on the attendees’ devices (as well as your main screen), where the submission can be upvoted and downvoted by other attendees.

Like all other features in MeetingPulse, participants can remain anonymous and login to the Q&A interface via a simple URL.

How to Moderate Translated Questions in MeetingPulse

  1. In the Q&A Settings tab, toggle the option to Enable Translation.
  2. After a participant submits a question in a foreign language, it will automatically get translated and appear for the attendees and moderator in both languages.
  3. If Q&A’s moderation is enabled, the translated version can also be edited by clicking the action icon again and selecting Edit Translation, just like the original question.
That’s the basic gist! We hope you find this new feature useful. If you have any questions or ideas for how we can improve it, send us a message at [email protected].

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