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Visit Us This Week at Collision in New Orleans!

The Collision Conference is America’s fastest growing tech conference and MeetingPulse will be there this week! The conference is happening in New Orleans from Tuesday, May 2 through Thursday, May 4.

Come and see us at booth A-205 in the Enterprise Exhibition Area on Thursday, May 4th. Five members of the MeetingPulse team will be on site, hailing from London, New York, and Austin – along with two of local New Orleans team members.

If you have questions, find us via the Collision Conference app and send us a message. We encourage you to drop by to learn more about our product, claim a free trial, or to chat and say hello!

Our 2017 Collision Conference MeetingPulse Team:

Sean Ganser co-founded MeetingPulse after landing in the finals of the Launch 2013 Hackathon and completing the Mach5 accelerator program. He currently lives in New Orleans. As a technical co-founder with 15 years software development experience, Sean specializes in solving technical challenges of early stage startups on a tight budget. He spends his downtime as a proficient instrumentalist making music and enjoying the sights and sounds of the rich New Orleans culture.

Peter Green is co-founder and head of product at MeetingPulse. He currently lives in New York. He is head of design for Republic, founder of the Volga Verdi fashion line, and founder of Free Money Baby! design studio. Peter previously worked at Leo Burnett. In his downtime he enjoys riding bike trials. what else.

Leslie Robertson is the director of audience engagement at Open Audience, Makara Health, and OpenMeeting. He is the UK’s MeetingPulse reseller. Leslie specializes in organizational change, personnel management, and connecting audiences through collaborative engagement.

Liz Holland is the content strategist and content designer at MeetingPulse and lives in Austin, Texas. She is an anthropologist, industrial designer, and UX researcher. Liz is UX researcher at Design for Use, content strategist and designer for Atelier NL in the Netherlands, and content designer for the STRP Biennial, among other things. In her free time she enjoys dancing everything from swing and the blues to two-step and butoh.

Robert Spratt is the digital marketing specialist at MeetingPulse and currently lives in New Orleans. He graduated from Loyola University with a degree in marketing and data analytics and has five years of experience in digital marketing and social media marketing. In his free time, he likes to hang out with turtles.

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