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MeetingPulse Launches Engagement-First Registration to Expand Attendee Management

Sept. 21, 2023 – SAN FRANCISCO – MeetingPulse, the platform that powers enterprise events with the ability to engage, inform, and drive audience response via a suite of interactive tools, today announced a new registration module. With this expansion of attendee management functionality, the MeetingPulse platform assumes a unique position in the event tech space as an “engagement-first” event management solution.

According to Forrester’s Q3 2021 B2B Enterprise Marketing Events Trends Survey, “Marketers recognize the importance of consistent event data capture, with 75% rating the ability to ‘seamlessly collect data about event attendees’ explicit and implied interests’ as essential or very important.”

The added registration module will allow event organizers to “gather and engage” participants by first customizing the data set to be collected, such as contact information, personal preferences, and participation choices. Participants then continue interactions on the same platform throughout the entire event lifecycle, providing feedback, response, voting, asking questions, personal scheduling, collaborating, connecting, competing, and more.

All interactions are tracked through detailed reporting, including a minute-by-minute sentiment timeline report, providing unmatched insight into an attendee’s documented engagement with every event element.

“Our business objective has always been about providing comprehensive response insight that allows for deep and meaningful participant analysis,” said Aaron Lifshin, CEO of MeetingPulse. “We designed MeetingPulse to be an innovative and flexible way to connect, question, and react on any device for our large enterprise clients, associations, and agency partners. It meets the complex feedback needs of internal meetings and supports conferences or sales and marketing events.”

MeetingPulse’s feature-rich registration experience includes:

  • Short or long-form registration
  • Powerful conditional logic with dynamic design
  • Pre-event surveys
  • Ten poll types, including image polls and quizzes
  • Instructional text and splash pages
  • Payment links
  • ICS files inclusion
  • Branding and theming
  • Secure access codes
  • Custom confirmation emails
  • Robust compliance support, including disclaimers and terms acceptance

“MeetingPulse has transformed our event engagement for thousands of attendees with their response platform,” said Keren Kang, Co-Founder of NeoMark Group. “The new ability to start with registration forms and to customize them with surveys, polls, and logic sounds like an easy way to extend engagement into the pre-event process. We expect it to tailor the attendee experience and simplify our workflow. Additionally, the MeetingPulse support team is truly knowledgeable about their platform and always there to lend a helping hand. Their platform keeps getting better and better!”

MeetingPulse registration is available for unlimited use as a component of an annual license. The feature has been rolled out to existing customers and is available for all tiers.

“We believe our registration module invigorates standard attendee management because of the engagement-first approach,” continued Lifshin. “We see this addition to our platform as a great value for clients, fundamentally reshaping the interactive event landscape.”

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