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MeetingPulse Powers Newsweek's Pulse Panel for US Presidential Debate

Real-time sentiment on presumptive candidates and key issues collected from Newsweek readers nationwide for historic, televised debate showdown

San Francisco, CA – July 2, 2024 – MeetingPulse, a leading provider of real-time audience engagement solutions, is proud to announce its role as the technology behind Newsweek’s Pulse Panel during the highly anticipated US Presidential Debate held on Thursday, June 27th. The innovative platform enabled live interaction and instant feedback from viewers, enhancing the debate experience for millions of Americans.

Newsweek’s Pulse Panel of nationwide readers watched the debate and responded to key moments via flash polls, selected by editors and powered by MeetingPulse functionality, to capture real-time reactions from the diverse audience. The platform’s capabilities allowed viewers to participate actively by expressing their opinions, voting on key issues, and submitting questions for the candidates.  

The MeetingPulse platform also facilitated the flash poll results being embedded into the Newsweek website for continuing reference to viewer sentiment by global readers and other news organizations.

“We are proud to have partnered with Newsweek for such a highly anticipated and discussed debate,” said Aaron Lifshin, CEO of MeetingPulse. “Our platform is ideal for understanding and recording what a television audience is thinking as they engage with seminal live programming.  MeetingPulse fosters audience engagement and provides valuable insights across the political landscape. We are honored to have contributed to a more interactive and responsive debate experience, and we commend Newsweek’s commitment to engaging their audience with a modern mobile and web experience.”

MeetingPulse technology provides an interactive, real-time approach for the public to be involved in the democratic process via:

  • Real-Time Polling: Enables viewers to vote on debate topics and candidate responses instantly.
  • Live Q&A: Allows audience members to submit questions, which were then addressed by the moderators.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Captures and analyzes audience reactions to gauge public sentiment on various issues and remain available within an iframe on websites.
  • Interactive Features: Includes live comments, emoji reactions, and more to keep the audience engaged throughout any programming.

Newsweek’s Pulse Panel, powered by MeetingPulse, provided a seamless and intuitive user experience, ensuring that viewers could easily participate and share their views. The feedback collected during the debate will be invaluable in understanding public opinion and shaping future discussions.

“As the political landscape continues to evolve, MeetingPulse remains committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance communication and voter sentiment,” continued Lifshin. “The successful deployment of the platform during the US Presidential Debate is a testament to our technology’s ease of use for diverse programming audiences, versatility and effectiveness in election season.”

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