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People Companies focus on the experiences and success of the people who make up their company, according to a recent article titled What Is a People Company? by Sage People.

If you shape your decisions not only around the financial success of your company — but around how successful you are when it comes to the satisfaction and development of the people who work for you — then you are running a people company.

Yesterday, we shared some insights about how you can use UX to understand and improve the experience of your employees. Today, we recommend an article that shares additional insights related to this theme. According author Paul Burrin, you can start by asking your self a simple question:

Are your people your most valuable asset? Many business leaders would say yes to this — but when it comes to the crunch, do they truly put the success of their people at the top of the list for company success, over everything else? If so, and their workforce also believe this to be true, then that’s a People Company.

Times are changing and the role of HR is not what it used to be. Now, the employee experience matters more than ever for companies who want to retain employees long-term.

In the past, it was acceptable to put employees in cubicles and to treat them like work horses. Nowadays, few employees will put up with the same environment and work culture that their parents endured.

Due to advancements in corporate culture and forward thinking workplace trends that provide incredible perks, the competition to keep employees is higher than ever. The grass is often greener on the other side. One way to keep your grass green is to transform your company into a People Company. According to Burrin,

People Companies grow candidate relationships and deliver great experiences throughout the entire recruitment process. They go beyond free lunches, great workspaces and unlimited holiday. They know their people and what drives them — and they use this information to create an employer journey that constantly continues to energize their workforce and get the best from them.

Creating a great corporate culture and focusing on the employee experience is not only good for employees — it’s good for leaders too and for companies as a whole. When you focus on people, you create a true community and thus a stronger business.

Companies which make evidence-based people decisions, design great workforce experiences and are forward-thinking in their approach to their workforce don’t do this because it’s a good thing to do. They know it’s because being a People Company is vital to the success of their business and growth.

Next time you are making decisions as a leader — or a follower — consider how much the people around you come into play in your workplace culture. If you are a leader, you have the power to put your employees’ experience first.

If you are a follower and are not feeling valued, perhaps it’s time to provide some feedback… or eventually, to consider moving on to another company with a more community-minded and employee-focused culture. Companies are made up of people and nowadays, it pays to truly take care of the relationships that make good business possible.

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