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Audience Response Options: Apps versus Browser-Based Solutions

When choosing live audience software for presentations and meetings, ease of access is a major consideration. Some presenters still use clickers, but this specialized hardware is outdated and requires much more audience preparation and labor than convenient mobile options.

Nowadays, most audience response systems allow participants to contribute via an internet-enabled personal device, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. These options allow audience members to provide feedback by downloading an app, sending a text message, or entering a customized URL.

Why Go Mobile?

Allowing audiences to use their own devices to provide live feedback poses a few significant advantages:

  • Personal devices are cost-free for facilitators. There is no need to purchase specialized hardware.
  • No training is necessary; users are familiar with their own devices.
  • Facilitators aren’t responsible for loss or damage.

When it comes to choosing a device, smartphones are often preferred because they are a portable, intuitive, effective, and low-liability means to gather feedback. Most mobile live audience software is also customizable, making personal device solutions highly flexible.

Although feedback can be gathered via text messaging or downloadable app, browser-based software rises to the top as a highly preferred method, as it offers the path of least resistance for all users.

Browser-Based Advantages

The popularity of browser-based software has risen along with personal mobile device use. Browser-based live audience software is accessible via a single personalized URL.

Today, most people have an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop on hand, so there is almost no barrier to access. Browser-based software is more accessible, more effective, and easier to maintain than downloadable apps. Consider the following advantages posed by browser-based solutions:

  • There’s nothing to download or install. Audience members simply follow a link to join a meeting. There’s no need to download software in advance.
  • Browser-based software is always up-to-date. Developers of browser-based audience response solutions take care of all updates, maintenance, and security patches, ensuring that the application is always current. Audience members and facilitators are always using the same version.
  • Participation is free for attendees. Audience members have free use of the internet, so browser-based participation doesn’t come with a price tag. Alternatively, audience members may be charged for text messaging. Particularly if a meeting takes place abroad, text messaging may be impossible or cost prohibitive for some participants.
  • There’s no need for dedicated IT support. Browser-based solutions allow clients and general system users to use the software without having to worry about maintenance or compatibility issues. Providers take care of all updates and improvements, enabling organizers to create polls, prepare surveys, and access real-time data without any special knowledge or IT support.
  • Browser-based solutions are accessible from anywhere, anytime. Anyone with a device and internet access can easily participate from anywhere in the world.

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Choosing the Best Option for Your Organization

When it comes to choosing the mobile audience response system best for your purposes, there are quite a few options out there. Look for an easy-access option that provides features well-suited your organization’s needs.

If possible, go with a quality browser-based solution that dissolves the primary participatory barriers that come with other methods.

When it comes to audience feedback, make it easy on yourself — and on your audience. Choose a method that offers the features you truly need while making it easy for everyone involved and most importantly — keep the focus on your presentation!

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MeetingPulse technology was developed with simplicity in mind and offers a wide array of customizable options to fit your interactive meeting needs.

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