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Empower Audience Members with Live Feedback Options

Everyone likes to have a voice. Audience response systems are two-sided and not beneficial to initiators alone. We’d like to illuminate some key audience advantages when it comes to live feedback systems.

Give Everyone a Voice

Think back about your personal group experiences in class or at work. Have you ever felt like it’s difficult to chime in? Are you shy or quiet by nature? Have you ever had something valuable to say but no chance to say it?

Many of us are familiar with walking out of a meeting or class and feeling unheard. Somehow, we didn’t get to voice our valuable opinion, our answer to questions, or that great idea that popped up. Maybe someone else raised their hand faster or spoke up before we did.

When we have great ideas, insight to share, or a powerful perspective that is important to the topic at hand, it’s nice to have a way to speak up. This is where audience response systems come in handy.

Audience response systems give audience members a voice they wouldn’t otherwise have. In a crowded room, speaking up can post quite a challenge. Thanks to new technologies that facilitate more well-rounded conversations, more individuals can share their thoughts simultaneously without interrupting others.

Gather Information More Efficiently

Along these lines, audience response systems offer a level of efficiency that traditional meetings lack, allowing audience members to share valuable information without fail.

If quite a few of the individuals have something valuable to say, an online outlet allows everyone to provide input simultaneously.

When it comes to information that could affect costs or the future trajectory of a company, every voice has value. Audience feedback can improve the positioning or status of the company in the long run. And for audience members, it feels good to contribute to company goals in a meaningful way.

Personalize the Learning Experience

In a classroom environment, when students have a way to share their needs and opinions, instructors can more effectively address them.

Instructors who use audience response systems can collect opinions and questions from students during class and address them later if need be. This provides students with a more well-rounded, interactive, and personalized learning experience.

Create a Mutually Beneficial Dynamic

In conclusion, when audience members are allowed to provide personal feedback via technology, they are empowered and given a clear voice. In addition, more relevant information can be gathered and catalogued more often by presenters.

When audience response systems are used effectively, a balance can be achieved between the needs of the presenter and the needs of the audience. When used mindfully, audience response systems empower presenters and audience members alike.

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