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Event Management Software: Use It to Make Your Life Easier

Key Takeaways

  • Event management software can help you fine tune an event in progress.
  • Some planners use different services to meet their special needs.
  • MeetingPulse offers a free service with the option to level up with industry-leading features

There are about a billion decisions to be made (and actions that follow them) for every single event you manage. At least it often feels that way. That’s why event management software exists — to help you and other event organizers avoid being overwhelmed by an event. 

The right event management tool, or group of tools, can help streamline your entire planning process. With event planning software, you can easily navigate processes like:

  • Event registration (including online-event registration).
  • Processing registration forms.
  • Accepting donations for fundraising events.
  • Curating event websites and event apps.

This software also can help you sell tickets and manage the moment-by-moment flow of in-person events, virtual events (online events), and hybrid events. In this article, we’ll look at event management tools and how they help event planners create and host successful events. 

What is event management software? 

Think of event management software as a trusty sidekick. An event management system helps event organizers save time and money as they plan, manage, and host events. Many professionals have found that these tools work throughout the event planning process to create better experiences for event attendees. 

The development and use of such software in the events industry is growing fast. In 2020, the event management software market was valued at $9.13 billion. By 2026, it’s expected to reach $16.71 billion as more planners discover the qualities of these event management solutions, especially professionals who handle multiple events or meetings every year.  

What are the main functions of event management software? 

Event planning tools can help simplify many steps and processes over the entire event lifecycle.  


Event management software helps you get right to work by allowing for all relevant information to be stored in one place and easily shared. You’ll be able to access every piece of the planning puzzle, and create repeatable processes that will help you save time when you start to plan your next event. You can create and save forms, save user preferences and event data, and more. 

Promoting and selling tickets 

With tools for event marketing, you will be able to promote and sell event tickets seamlessly. Many software systems offer multiple payment options, so attendees can pick one that best suits their abilities. 

Engaging audiences 

Once an event has started, organizers work hard to keep participants involved. These tools offer many ways to increase engagement with your audiences, like creating an event website or event app to share forums, activities, and contests with your attendees.  

With MeetingPulse, you can reach your audiences by letting them interact from their smartphones and other devices. And there is no need to download an app. Attendees can access materials, share ideas, take polls, and participate in Q&As. Event organizers also can hear from the audience about how things are going and get input about possible adjustments.

Follow up 

We all know the work doesn’t end when the event is over. Follow up is key in knowing what worked — and what didn’t. Event management software lets you revisit all aspects of an event after it has happened.  

Post-event, MeetingPulse offers automatic, detailed event reporting. You can access event analytics via summary reports, create CSV exports, design custom reports, see participant activity, and get reports from any polls, quizzes or surveys distributed in relation to the event. 

Event Management Software Functions

What to look for in event management software 

Some software companies try to cover every possible function, but with so many elements to handle, it can be tough. Some event managers prefer to combine software solutions that handle particular elements in the way that best suits them. Engagement-oriented tools, like MeetingPulse, can be used with other software products to cover an entire event.  

When considering options, think about what you need for your event. Is it a ticketing system, help at check in, a website, attendee management, engagement help, or registration tools? Are you interested in being able to use event management apps or providing a mobile event app for your attendees? Do you need a process for online registration or a place to keep information on event venues? Make a list of your biggest wants and needs. 

Consider whether the software is customizable and whether you can take it for a test run before you decide. And, as you should before other major choices, check out the user reviews to see what customers think. At MeetingPulse, you can sign up for a free account that provides a simple and easy way to crowdsource, engage and interact with your audience and teams. You can use its quick polls and voting features to boost engagement and then decide if you want to sign up for even more powerful tools.

The benefits of event management software 

As you have seen so far, there are plenty of ways that the right event management software options can help you step up your event planning game. 

Boost efficiency 

Event planning is full of complex logistics, and an oversight in one area has the potential to derail an event. Event management software keeps all the details in one place. This makes events easier to organize, and keeps planners focused on fulfilling expectations rather than finding things and juggling details. And perhaps the biggest bonus is being able to create processes that will make your future events even easier, further streamlining your processes and saving you more and more time as you continue planning. 

Better service for exhibitors and vendors 

Exhibitors pay a lot for booth space and special access, and vendors provide essential goods and services. Their logistics are critical, and the best event management software applications have dedicated tools to help. Communication between planners and participants has never been easier. These tools can help you see that everyone involved in your event benefits from the experience. 

Better management of room blocks and travel 

When event planners invest in dedicated event management apps, the vagaries of managing room blocks and travel details become centralized. Search hotel block rates, create paperless contracts, and record VIP itineraries right in the application. By adding these capabilities, event planning businesses can build new revenue centers.

Crowdsource the genius of your people

The communication tools that MeetingPulse offers for meetings and events can provide better bottom-up communication from audiences. Event organizers can receive more questions from audiences and better, more pertinent questions. This results in greater audience engagement—a vital event ROI and a key to success.

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