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How Real-Time Polling Powers Workforce Analytics

A company’s workforce is vital to its success. It is important that leaders understand where individuals within their organization stand in order to make informed company decisions. Employee morale, productivity, and engagement are discussed in meetings but not tracked. Real-time polling creates measurable data from qualitative results.

What is Workforce Analytics?

Workforce analytics is the process of collecting, analyzing, and leveraging data-driven insights to improve decision-making for the company.

Workforce Analytics collects data such as employee feedback, engagement levels, and collective knowledge. This informs the company to incorporate adjustments such as teaching employees new skills, optimizing workforce abilities, and determining staff excess and shortages. It traditionally is collected through working with an IT department to organize data. Another approach is to implement software or utilize employee surveys and polls. All of these are successful in tracking the current workforce landscape. Polling is a great option to easily build workforce analytics directly from meeting discussions.

Why Workforce Analytics are Important

Valuable information is often discussed at a meeting but not properly tracked. By collecting data on employees’ opinions, companies are able to make decisions that best serve their organization. Workforce analytics allow companies to harness collective knowledge on their clients, vendors, and employees’ abilities. This ensures alignment in strategic and tactical approaches in employee responsibility and in customer relationships. They also allow leaders to get feedback from those close to customers and vendors. This data gives leadership insight into how the company is performing at all levels.

Benefits of Workforce Analytics

  • Allow you to use data-informed methods to improve workforce management and planning
  • Higher knowledge retention from meetings – achieved by including fun polls/quizzes to boost employee engagement in key events
  • Known sentiment about the company – so that leaders can take the pulse of their employees quickly and easily, leading to better decision making and long-term strategies.
  • Creates community with employees – makes people feel more involved, particularly in remote settings.
  • Can inject fun into meetings, make employees feel they are being listened to, etc. This leads to higher retention, a more engaged workforce, better working environments between teams, avoids silos being created, etc

MeetingPulse Achieves this through . . .

  • Features including real-time polls, live Audience Q&A, Surveys, quizzes, and pulses
  • A report of analytics from features that is automatically created at the end
  • Letting organizers report data from their workforce

Workforce analytics is more important than ever in this age of remote work. Leaders are not able to directly get an understanding of employee morale, knowledge, and abilities without overseeing day-to-day duties. Collecting workforce data during meetings allows a remote workforce to gain an understanding of how to best work together.

MeetingPulse allows leaders to quickly and easily pull comprehensive analytics from key meetings and events.

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