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Leverage Incentives – Increase Employee Engagement

According to a 2016 Gallup study, only 34 percent of U.S. workers are engaged at work. Now, with both remote and on-site workers to tend to, keeping everyone engaged is even more challenging.

According to Jason Mauser‘s article in Entrepreneur titled 4 Ways Employee Incentives Can Drive Engagement and Retention, the more you can keep your teams steady and consistent, the less time and money you have to spend on rehiring and the more consistent your workplace environment will be for everyone else.

Keeping your employees in the loop and letting them know that they make a difference when it comes to greater company goals is key:

For true engagement, employees need to have an understanding of where the company is headed and how their roles fit within that outlook. They need to feel that they’re part of the corporate culture, their contributions matter, they’re being well-compensated for their efforts and they’re part of what makes your company great.

At the root of it, many employees just want to feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work. And if they don’t feel like you’re giving them the attention and kudos they deserve, they may go to your competitors for that validation or disengage from your company and their responsibilities.

According to Mauser, incentives can play a powerful role when it comes to keeping employee engagement levels high. Just as we responded to rewards as children, we still do as adults. Everyone appreciates acknowledgment for a job well done:

Incentives matter — and a good incentives program doesn’t just provide traditional bonuses or commission-based rewards for sales teams that meet their quota. Instead, it should reward and recognize employees from across different departments and levels of responsibility for achieving a variety of work-related goals.

According to Mauser, the key elements to keep in mind when creating employee incentives are as follows:

  1. Provide convenient access to incentives
  2. Make program participation easy
  3. Give employees multiple reward options
  4. Enable speedy incentive delivery

We recommend checking out Mauser’s article to learn more about how to effectively create employee incentives and thus to increase employee engagement!

Engaged employees not only support healthy corporate culture and social interactions; they also drive growth and revenue, in effect enabling your company to enjoy greater success rates in the big picture over time.

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