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The MeetingPulse Free Trial Guide

With the MeetingPulse free trial, you’ll be up and running in no time, gathering relevant real-time feedback from any audience via surveys, polls, raffles, Q&A sessions, and more. To get started, follow the prompts as described below. Our interface is simple and easy to use. First, click on the green “Get Started” button.

Next, let us know who you are by entering your email, name, and phone number. We like to know our users, so we personally approve each trial by hand. Your information will only be used by our team.

After submitting your info, you’ll see a confirmation page. Upon personal review of your information, you will receive an access email with a temporary password and instructions directing you to create a unique personal password.

Next, you’ll receive an email with directions to start your first meeting using our browser-based audience response system. An example of that email is shown below:

To create your first meeting, simply sign in and click on ‘New Meeting’ as shown below.

Name your meeting by clicking on ‘Meeting Name’ and replacing it with a name of your choosing. We named this meeting ‘researchgroup.’ Click ‘Create.’

Next, a dashboard will appear. From here, you can explore and tailor various MeetingPulse features. Our interface is intuitive and simple, so crafting a custom meeting is a snap. After altering the settings to fit your needs, click ‘Save & Continue.’

To launch your meeting, simply share your meeting URL with your audience, who will enter the URL in their browsers to participate via smartphone, tablet, or laptop. As the facilitator, you will guide the audience’s experience from your screen.

Upon completion of your meeting, you can end the meeting with one click. All results can be conveniently viewed on a comprehensive dashboard, an example of which is shown below. MeetingPulse saves all meeting results, so you can easily view or print them at a later time.

It’s that easy! Congratulations! Now you know how to access and initiate an interactive meeting using the MeetingPulse audience response system free trial.

Thanks to MeetingPulse, quick interactive meetings are right at your fingertips!

At MeetingPulse, we provide real-time survey and polling software that runs in any browser, so you’ll never need to download an app. Anyone can easily participate using their mobile device or computer via a short link.

The MeetingPulse audience response system was developed with simplicity in mind and offers a wide array of customizable options to fit your interactive meeting needs.

Please contact us for more information or click on ‘Keep Me Posted’ on our blog page to receive blog updates and our free e-book.

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